Good Neighbors Supermarket

New York City, 59-29 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY


Good place for buy vegetables, fruits, candy and more always fresh

Great place to get groceries and plenty of Asian vegetables and a variety of noodles. Great selection of fruits as well! Will definitely be a returning customer

Omg, I had no idea this was here?! It looks like a small produce shop with a tight but FRESH selection of many Chinese produce and pickled staples, but head into the adjacent room and the dry pantry section is stocked with an amazing variety of snacks, sauces, oils, spices, noodles (both dry and fresh, Chinese and viet rice noodles included), herbs, and more. Also, the prices for everything I saw were as affordable as going to Chinatown in Manhattan or Flushing, with the same greens $2-5/lb and sauces and dry goods fairly priced as well. Love seeing the great variety by a knowledgeable store owner!

Good asian market. You can find many Asian ingredients that are on the rarer side.

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Reviews about Good Neighbors Supermarket

14.01.2024 14:09
Small selection, but EVERYTHING is fresh and reasonably priced. This is one of the few places in the area that offers produce that doesn’t go bad within a day or two. There’s also a wide variety of dried and canned goods that are priced much lower than the nearby chain stores. The employees at the register are always courteous, helpful, and nice.
01.12.2023 15:37
I live in Bushwick so this is my closest Asian grocery store. Perfect for when I don't want to go all the way to Elmhurst or Chinatown.

Decent selection for groceries and great fresh produce.
28.08.2023 12:54
Agradable sitio para adquirir suplementos para la comida
28.08.2023 12:53
Good selection of specialty foods. Slightly chaotic. Very fun.
14.04.2023 15:42
Fruits and vegetables always fresh!


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