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Goodman Orthodontics is proud to be your source for high-quality orthodontics treatment in Manhattan. Whether you’re looking for New York Invisalign, braces, or any other type of orthodontics, we strive to deliver an unparalleled level of orthodontic treatment and care. There are many reasons why we believe that we stand out from the rest of the crowd and these are just a handful of them.

Spacious, Comfortable, and Sleek Office

One of our priorities is for you to be fully comfortable during your treatment with us. That’s why we’ve designed a unique environment that spans 2,400 square feet of space – about three times larger than most Manhattan dental offices. We also strive to make your wait time as comfortable as possible so we’ve designed a relaxing waiting area with a convenient brushing station for patients to use during their wait. You wont have a chance to enjoy the waiting room for too long as we are known for running on schedule.

Quiet Location

We’re centrally located in Manhattan, just east of Sutton Place on 57th Street. We take pride in the quiet location of our office, which is opposed to other offices that lie in more congested areas. Our office is located on a tree-lined street on the ground floor level.  Our office is about a 10 minute walk from the E Train or 4/5/6.   While you will find some other offices a bit easier to get to, convenience comes in many forms, and there are many aspects of treatment at Goodman Orthodontics that counterbalance the possible logistical obstacle.

Invisalign Pioneer and Expert

Dr. Adam Goodman is retained by Invisalign as a member of their faculty to train and certify dentists all around the country. He has the experience of training thousands of dentists in this efficient technique. He was also appointed to the staff at New York Weill Cornell Orthognathic Surgery Clinic. Goodman Orthodontics is one of the few offices in the area with a radiation-free scanner that’s used to fabricate the aligners. The precision and fit of these aligners surpass those that are fabricated from dental impressions and it results in a much more comfortable and effective aligner.

Orthodontic Braces for Kids and Teens

Dr. Goodman is highly skilled in creating beautiful smiles for both children and adolescents. With his adherence to these following guidelines, he’s confident that your child will receive the best orthodontic care possible:

We won’t start orthodontic treatment until the most appropriate time. You won’t have to wait months for your initial appointment; we can see you within a few weeks. You’ll rarely be forced to come in and see us during school hours. We run on schedule with barely any waiting time. We’re one of a handful of providers of Manhattan orthodontics treatment that uses SureSmile – a way to dramatically reduce treatment time in braces. Braces for Adults

You’re never too old to improve your smile and Dr. Goodman is capable of providing adults with the same great orthodontic treatment as well. You’ll feel completely comfortable in our office; during the morning and lunchtime hours, you’ll usually only see adults here. Best of all, most of our cases with clear braces can be treated in less than a year – sometimes even only six months with SureSmile.

Dr. Goodman is retained by Invisalign as member of their faculty, to train and certify dentists around the country. He has trained thousands of dentists in the technique. He also was appointed to the staff at New York Weill Cornel Orthognathic surgery clinic. Goodman Orthodontics also remains one of the few offices in the area with a radiation-free scanner which is used to fabricate the aligners. The fit and precision of the aligners far surpasses those fabricated from dental impressions, and the result is a more comfortable and effective aligner. Read more in “Meet Dr. Goodman”

Orthodontic Braces for Kids & Teens

Dr. Goodman is skilled in creating beautiful smiles for children and adolescents! We follow the following treatment philosophy so you can be confident your child is receiving the best possible orthodontic care:

We will never start treatment until the appropriate time; no aggressive or premature treatment in this office You will not wait months for your initial appointment; we can see you within a few weeks You will rarely have to come in during school hours We run on schedule, rarely any waiting time. We are the only office in Manhattan to use SureSmile which dramatically reduces treatment time with braces. Braces for Adults

Adults, don’t think it’s too late to perfect your smile! Dr. Goodman is proud to offer adult orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Goodman is part of the Invisalign Faculty. He trains other dentists, and he knows which cases Invisalign is best for. Most cases with clear braces can be treated in less than a year, and often in as little as 6 months using SureSmile. Our staff is really nice; no attitudes here! You will feel comfortable in our office, not like an overgrown kid. During the morning and lunchtime hours you will see only adults in our office.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

If you're looking for an orthodontist who not only knows their craft inside out but also brings a delightful sense of humor and warmth to every appointment, Dr. Goodman is the one for you!

Dr. Goodman's expertise in orthodontics is unparalleled. He took the time to thoroughly explain my treatment plan, ensuring I understood each step of the process. His vast knowledge and attention to detail immediately put me at ease, and I felt confident that I was in the hands of a true professional. During my time with Dr. Goodman, it was evident that he is not only dedicated to achieving excellent results but also genuinely cares about the happiness and satisfaction of his patients. His passion for his work shines through in every interaction, making the entire orthodontic journey feel like a collaborative effort between patient and doctor.

Dr. Goodman is amazing! He has extremely solid expertise in orthodontics and is really patient and friendly! He leveraged multiple paths to make my teeth and bite look MUCH BETTER! Super happy with the results! Highly recommend Dr. Goodman and his team!

Dr. Goodman is incredible! He is very knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and friendly! You can always trust him. My teeth had problems with a gummy smile, overbite, and protruding mouth. My case is extremely difficult, especially after I moved out from NY and had to do a long-distance orthodontic treatment with him. Dr. Goodman has spent a tremendous amount of time on my cases over the past 4 years. During this process, we had to change our plan multiple times because of my teeth condition. He is always willing to respect my thoughts, accommodate my needs and come up with a perfect solution for me. Dr. Goodman performed magic on my teeth, and they have become much better now. In addition, his team is amazing as well. They are very kind, warm, and responsive. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman and his team!

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Reviews about , услуга Goodman Orthodontics, Dr Adam Goodman

05.02.2024 14:14
Such an amazing office! I went to get my permanent retainer removed and was treated in the best possible manner. The staff was so incredibly nice and accommodating and the entire process took less than 30 minutes. I have never been to such a great Orthodontist and highly recommend the practice.
05.02.2024 14:14
Beautiful office and truly kind staff. Dr Goodman was very personable and the technology was state of the art. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone looking.
21.11.2023 13:26
Kind, empathetic doctor, and, a gentleman. I needed to urgently remove an Invisalign metal button installed by another doctor due to upcoming MRI series, Dr. Goodman helped me. His office is clean, staff is friendly. As per the button removal, I haven’t even noticed anything. I actually wish I’ve done my initial Invisalign treatment with him.
21.11.2023 13:26
Dr. Goodman is incredible, his communication is very clear and he spent a lot of time with me during my consultation to discuss my case and how we can reach my goals. I am so happy with my results so far and also appreciative that he works so closely with my dentist about the changes we are making. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman and his expertise!!
21.11.2023 13:26
I’ve had many consultations around NYC looking for an orthodontist and no one came even close to Dr. Goodman. He is detailed and passionate about his work. He listened to my concerns and designed my teeth and showed me detailed video of how different my smile can look!
21.11.2023 13:25
I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Goodman. He is very direct and clear with his capabilities, and how his knowledge can benefit my smile. I have recommended many of my friends and family to see him and I know they’re in great hands. Thank you, Dr. Goodman!


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