New York City, 172 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Hadramout Restaurant is a Yemeni food establishment that’s been serving the community with authentic Yemeni tastes since 1996. Cultural platters are our signature, hospitality and gratitude are our nature. The restaurant has a warm casual atmosphere, which makes it an original and satisfying place for our customers. Our menu features a wide array of great selections served in generous portions. You can decide to eat in or take to eat out. Our Restaurant Are Located In "172 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY, United States, New York"

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Initially was really excited to go here since we went for my brother's birthday. Unfortunately, what a dissapointment.

To be fair the food tasted good but in terms of customer service to the point of paying was extermely poor. The servers werent interested in serving food or clearing tables as dishes were done with, just cluttered and messy. The servers were more interested in addressing a certain table that they found to be more interested in (if you know what i mean). And even in the end we were gettibg over charged for thibgs we hadnt gotten. Im glad i was able to catch that because it was already embarassing chosing this spot to celebrate a birthday. Not going there again

Delicious food. Lamb haneeth and fahsa fish most recommond.

The food was fresh and tasty. The lamb was cooked perfect

Lovely yameni halal food in Brooklyn

Their lamb kebsa are best and the soup

My wife and I have been coming here for the last two years. This is by far one of the best restaurants we have ever visited. The food is amazing, the staff are very friendly and humble. The service is great and our overall experience has always been positive. We read a comment on here from someone saying this restaurant should be a landmark. We couldn't agree more! Absolutely wonderful people, food and energy.

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Reviews about Hadramout

05.02.2024 15:20
Wow, mad expensive, and now they charge for salad and soup,,,,, we know it is free in all Yemeni restaurants…..
However, the food was more than $100 for three things lands fahsah fish which was better than others and fatah or masoobah,,,, Kansas bad, masoobah also bad, it used to be wow,,,, and I compare the prices to Yemen cafe which was more expensive, now Hadramout is more expensive and worst and very bad compare to the last
I want hadrmout 2017,2018
05.02.2024 15:17
Clean and good food.
17.12.2023 13:49
Been getting takeout from here for a while. Food is good, but happens often that I receive the chicken ghallaba without hummus, even though I ordered it with. Happened during delivery as well as during takeout. Please check your order so that you can enjoy the food to the fullest.
17.12.2023 13:48
I'm Yemeni and i know very well how Yemeni food should be. Their food is not good enough not to mention how crazy their prices are.
17.12.2023 13:48
One of the best Arabic restaurants in the city
17.12.2023 13:46
I’m sad to write this review but I ordered a lamb dish that came out in 10 minutes just looking visibly NOT fresh and old. The rice was flavorless, the lamb was luke warm and looked like it had been microwaved, the hummus was bland. Nevermind the lamb dish was $32 - so expensive for no reason

Not pleased with the service either - felt like I was in a fever dream with how awful the food was.

Hope they can get it together!


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