High Bar New York

New York City, 346 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

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Pretty crowded bar that is SLAMMED with people. Decent music selection although it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing place. $12 a drink. 3.75/5 stars as a night bar.

Tiene una hermosa vista desde la planta 36.

Terrible management they just close anytime they feel lazy and don’t want to work or if the place is not full enough ,they hold no constant hours , they will shut down the elevator to Hilton Guest and could care less about the hotel,this bar is subcontracted out and Hilton has no control over their one roof bar ,so that view with a drink your paid a premium for in your stay is denied , o would recommend for Saturday night only the rest is a risk for your date anniversary or vacation better go with something else or a plan B

No atmosphere, expensive drinks and lifts take ages

View is not bad though

Ein wunderbarer Ausblick, geraden nachts, wenn alle Lichter der Stadt an sind. Für diesen Ausblick gibt es 2 Sterne. Ansonsten habe ich hier den teuersten Rotwein (0,1 l) meines Lebens aus Plastickbechern bekommen. Das war Nepp pur!

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Reviews about High Bar New York

05.02.2024 15:43
Nice atmosphere. Wings were delicious
17.12.2023 15:36
Great rooftop! The bar is not total fresh design (I assume a little older date interior), which is the vibe I dig.
17.12.2023 15:36
Very cool spot. Lots of space on the outdoor area. Bathrooms are a little suspect though. The stall door in the Men's room doesn't lock. Drink prices are somewhat fair, maybe a little steep, given the location.
17.12.2023 15:36
Not impressed. This is located on the top of the Double Tree by Hilton and it is not Hilton brand/ franchise quality. No bar menu or prices. Cocktails are $20 for 1 shot drinks and not well mixed. A beer will cost you $13. Went outside to see the sky line. Trash was sitting around. Everything was run down and dumpy. They didn't have many customers at all. Seats outside didn't have cushions so you couldn't sit down. No heaters for outside area. There appeared to be somewhat of a DJ but no dancing area. Not worth your time and definitely not your money. There are way better places in NYC to spend time.
17.12.2023 15:36
I went here for a dance party so I did not eat or drink there. The views of the city are amazing. The "dance floor" was a combination of smooth concrete and inlaid ceramic tile... so the floor wasn't great to dance on. However, the dance party was very fun.


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