IKEA Brooklyn Home Furnishing

New York City, 1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Such an interesting Swedish story

How did they come up with this? Make inexpensive and high-quality furniture

Perhaps it is somewhere deep in the minds of these wonderful guys

Everything must be in order

Seems like a standard, but not quite. Some special ideas and always striving for the ideal. The quality of each product.

This seems to be the soul of Swedish designers and their approach to business.

Everything should be to your liking and at a reasonable price. By the way, the issue of ecology has not been forgotten.

When IKEA entered the US market, the company's top experts invented the best solutions for this market.

It definitely worked out. Welcome to IKEA stores

IKEA is proud to offer its best products to customers in the United States.

A store of furniture and interior items, everything for the home from the world famous IKEA chain of stores. Offers a huge range of good products at low prices. Our offers will please any buyer. And our service is known all over the world. Our products are known and in demand in many countries around the world. Any of your ideas for decorating the space of your home will find solutions in our stores. We always care about quality and high level of service. When purchasing products in our stores, you can be sure of excellent quality and low prices for all products!

Our frequent discounts and sales will satisfy all your home furniture purchasing needs.

We create the best examples of our products specifically for the US market.

We are confident that any purchase from IKEA will bring pleasure to your family


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Reviews about IKEA Brooklyn Home Furnishing

05.02.2024 16:48
It's a great store with great prices and the restaurant plus the bistro downstairs for quick bites are so good. The as is section is always full of discounted items that have been returned usually without any defects on them or slight defects. The only problem the only way to order the food downstairs is through the screens set up in front and sometimes don't work. I recommend getting the rewards card. You can order online now even from the as is section and pick up the stuff if you don't have time to browse in the store. The store has improved since the last few times I was there. The plants there are safe bet too. Overall is a pleasant place to be in and everything is on your own self serve and do it yourself even the employee are there only if you really need their help. There also free ferry service from Manhattan on weekends while seeing great views of Manhattan too and Erin Mill Basin Park by the river next to IKEA is nice place to walk, admire the scenery and to take a break. The two buses leave on the door but no Subway. The G will leave very close just a short walk from the store.
05.02.2024 16:47
Kind of pointless to spend over an hour looking for the right piece of furniture in the showroom to them not having anything downstairs. Seriously. No dressers in stock at all. Waste of time.
05.02.2024 16:47
The service desk at this location is the least friendly and least helpful of all IKEA locations. I went to purchase a replacement part that I broke reassembling a 4 year old IKEA item after a move. The IKEA employee cut me off to tell me to leave unless I had a recent receipt. Good thing I waited an hour to be told off in 30 seconds.
07.11.2023 18:38
This is the most accessible IKEA store located within New York City. The options are quite diverse. Stocks are replenished quickly. The staff are attentive and helpful. Especially compared to the branch on Long Island, I can recommend this place.
07.11.2023 18:37
Great environment and setup. The lighting etc. adds a good vibe for the shopping experience. Cleaning staff was present all the time to keep premises taken care of.
but there wasn't a staff member to assist with our assembly at the desk they were supposed to, so we had to order online and lost the 5% in-store discount, plus we had to pay for shipping.
07.11.2023 18:37
Horrible customer service even for the lower prices - they took a week to deliver my mattress and bed frame only to bring out just the bed frame. I had to reschedule the task rabbit guy 3 times. I ended up going back to the store physically and taking the mattress myself - I had to choose a different one because they basically oversold the mattress I chose. I only
for small stuff there now.
07.11.2023 18:36
Excellent parking lot for driving practice the night before your road test.
07.11.2023 18:36
I took off from work to receive a delivery that cost approximately 49.99. The fee for in home delivery is 79.99. When the product arrived, I noticed it was damaged from the outside of the box without having to open it. In fact, it had tape on the outside of the damaged portion where someone had evidently tried to conceal the damage. I actually got locked out of my apartment trying to chase down the delivery guy who left it and said that he noticed it to. Now I have this huge shelf in my floor blocking my doorway that is too big for me to move as a whole.... hence the in person delivery, but too damaged too assemble. When I contacted ikea, I was told that "they would not come and retrieve the product" and " that I would not receive a replacement that day or the next" but that I could order a replacement and wait the same lengthy amount of time between 8AM-8PM 5-7 business days out which means of I would have to take another day off with, no doubt the possibility of receiving another damaged product. I'm genuinely lost as I consider the motive of the individual who attempted to pass off this obviously damaged beyond repair product to me as the consumer. I can only guess that they would like to inspire me to never order anything from ikea. If that is the case, they were successful.
07.11.2023 18:35
Always you find something to buy if what you looking for is no more
And convenient parking spot
07.11.2023 18:35
Insanely understaffed on a busy Sunday. Cafeteria was out of many items including drinks, someone almost crapped themselves because they couldn’t find a bathroom or any employee to ask. Lines pathetically long. Barely any employees on the floor. Just sad and depressing energy. Decision maker needs to either hire more employees and/or incentivize working on Sundays (the most sacred day in the world). I don’t blame anyone for calling out on a Sunday for any reason with no incentive working minimum wage. It’s the most treasured day of the week around the world across all cultures, religious or not. And in the retail/service world, Sunday customers are the most abusive. People are actually punished for working on Sundays when you think about the abuse they go through from psycho Sunday customers. If you’re going to be open on Sundays, make it worth working for your employees.
07.11.2023 18:35
The prices are good, but the pick up and return section of ikea is very slow and no way to show when your next
07.11.2023 18:34
Love IKEA. Great furniture pieces and other household goods for low prices. Also love the house plants area. You easily go in for place mats and come out with a set of wine glasses, new pillows and comforter. But what makes this 4 stars instead of 5 is the pricing confusions. You control what you spend, so I own that, but often seems like prices you check for and confirm on the shelf are different from what rings at the register, and what you ultimately pay, sometimes without realizing until you're in the parking lot in your car looking at the receipt. Not going back after making it through the whirlwind registers and lines, and you promise to return it but lack time to get over there. Without fail happens everytime. Be careful and pay attention when you check out.
07.11.2023 18:34
Long waits have become increasingly common while not just making returns, but also pick-ups, and in-store shopping. I’d expect to wait at least 30 minutes for the staff to pull an item from the back regardless of if I purchased it ahead of time.
14.09.2023 18:02
plenty of parking, cashier lines usually long, many items not in stock
14.09.2023 18:01
Nice selection, affordable pricing. Quality on products is a hit and miss but its pretty much expected. Workers that work there are a little nasty with attitude. Had a woman from there staff in redhook make a rude joke to my mother in law.
14.09.2023 18:01
Not a lot of bathroom stuff. No one to help you with planning bathroom renovations.

And no one at IKEA ever likes to just help its customers
14.09.2023 18:01
What a broken place! I was greeted by signs pointing the way to the showroom area — above two sets of broken escalators. I stopped by the famous food area — and the two lines were moving so slowly that it was painful to watch. Downstairs, I thought I would get a hotdog on the way out. But one must use a computerized kiosk to order food there, and only 6 of 8 were working, and there were more nonmoving lines to use those. I decided to get out of the place. I saw signs for the exit, on the way to which there was a broken “people mover” conveyor belt floor. Fortunately, the bus was there waiting. What a wretched experience!
14.09.2023 18:00
Very crowded for that size ikea. Cafeteria had some flies around but the ferry over is very convenient!
14.09.2023 18:00
This weekend has been hellish at IKEA. My Labor Day was spent trying to pick up my order (4 hours) finally they said I could just put the order number and put that on my Lugg delivery. I waited next day and the people at ikea canceled my order! So Lugg went there and had to go and wait for an hour just to get someone to tell them it was canceled. That warehouse area where people could pick up orders was mayhem! People had been waiting six hours for goods that were not coming out. The line was up until the cashiers. The worker was calling out order numbers by the warehouse but no one in the back could hear them! Same with return line. Same with home deliveries. Table was not attended to and we were all left standing for hours. It was madness. Day 3 I have to go back personally to get my refund or choose to go through all of this hell again and send Lugg again to pick up something possibly ready. No thanks! I’m hoping I get my money back and I hope even more that ikea manages itself better and takes care of their workers. It is understaffed and mismanaged.
14.09.2023 18:00
IKEA has always been a place I've been looking forward going to in the day. I know it's just a furniture store but you wind up having fun especially in this location. The food on the upper floor is very, very delicious, I recommend getting the swedish meatballs. Definitely recommend if your in the area and need some decor for your house or apartment!
14.09.2023 17:59
I recently had an incredibly frustrating experience at IKEA that has left me feeling utterly disappointed and frustrated. The level of incompetence and lack of respect for customers' time and patience is astounding. I am compelled to share my terrible experience and warn others about the abysmal service at this particular IKEA location.

Upon arriving at the store to return some items, I naively assumed that the process would be quick and efficient. Little did I know that it would turn into a never-ending nightmare. I had to wait for over two hours just to return my things. The lack of organization and efficiency in managing the returns process was truly mind-boggling. It seems that IKEA has no regard for their customers' valuable time.

To add insult to injury, I placed a new order and was instructed to wait for my items to be brought out to me. However, I have been waiting for over an hour and a half now, feeling completely disregarded and ignored. What infuriates me even more is that multiple customers who arrived after me have already received their items while I continue to wait indefinitely.

When I approached the manager, Jesse, seeking an explanation for this blatant disregard, I was met with a dismissive and unprofessional response. Jesse had the audacity to tell me that they are human and need lunch breaks and have families. While I understand that employees deserve breaks and have personal lives, it is no excuse for grossly mismanaging customer expectations and providing an abysmal level of service. After all, I too have a life and valuable time that is being wasted while waiting for my item.

The lack of fairness, transparency, and basic customer service skills exhibited by IKEA and its employees is simply unacceptable. It is their responsibility to ensure that all customers are treated equally and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, my experience has left me feeling completely disrespected and undervalued as a customer.

I strongly advise potential customers to reconsider shopping at this IKEA location until they can demonstrate a significant improvement in their customer service. It is evident that they prioritize their own convenience over the satisfaction and needs of their customers. Spare yourself the frustration and disappointment by seeking alternatives to IKEA for your furniture and home needs.
14.09.2023 17:59
Very basic you end up buying things because you're already there. Honestly I rather go to the pier 1 imports. Basically just come here for coffee cups, plates the Wok and everything else just grab from Target and Amazon especially bed frames why waste your day walking around like zombies from The Walking Dead to wait in a 45-50 min line
14.09.2023 17:58
I love Ikea. Always very organized, clean and super efficient. I could not find the vase I went there for but I found a substitute that ended up working even better. I also found a milk frother that unfortunately I'm not so happy about. It's extremely difficult to insert the batteries and it doesn't seem to work very well but I will give it a couple more tries.
I found ton of inspiration, in the closet section, while searching for solutiond to help someone accommodate a large number of shoes. The sales associate in that department seemed very knowledgeable although a bit brusque and not so friendly.
The commute is extremely easy since there are two buses the B61 and the B57 that drop you right in front of Ikea from the Smith 9th Street F and G train station.
I went early in the morning as soon as they opened on a Friday and I have to say it was not crowded at all, so no long lines.
14.09.2023 17:58
Smooth shopping, however the pickup area needs some work. I waited 45 minutes for my order to be processed for pickup
14.09.2023 17:58
It's always rewarding to be here. Best options for home furnishings and organizing.
14.09.2023 17:58
Great location easy access has everything you need
14.09.2023 17:57
My visit was very positive. Easy commute on mass transit. The bus that takes you right in front of Ikea stops at the F and G train station at Smith/ 9th Street. I couldn't find the vase that I was looking for since they were out of stock but I found a different one that works even better. I also found a milk frother that I was not looking for and although inserting the batteries is a bit difficult, after a couple of tries it seems to work pretty good. Although after 30-40 seconds the motor seems to become overheated. I was able to get some nice foam for my cappuccino. I also visited the showroom especially the closet and wardrobes section where I got lots of inspiration for organization and storage ideas.
14.09.2023 17:57
The worst ikea I’ve ever been too. Understaffed, empty shelves, no one attending or telling you how to do home delivery until you wait around forever to talk to someone. Really terrible.
13.04.2023 13:22
IKEA Brooklyn is a popular furniture store located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The store offers a wide range of affordable furniture and home decor items, including bedroom sets, living room furniture, kitchen and dining items, and home accessories.

IKEA also has their Water Taxi which is a free ferry service that runs between the IKEA Brooklyn store and Pier 11/Wall Street in Manhattan. The ferry is a popular transportation option for customers visiting the IKEA store, as it provides a scenic and convenient way to travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Customers generally appreciate the IKEA Water Taxi for its convenience and affordability, as it offers a free and fast transportation option for those visiting the IKEA store. Many customers also enjoy the scenic views of the New York City skyline and the East River during the ferry ride.

IKEA Brooklyn — популярный мебельный магазин, расположенный в районе Ред-Хук в Бруклине, Нью-Йорк. Магазин предлагает широкий ассортимент недорогой мебели и предметов домашнего декора, включая спальные гарнитуры, мебель для гостиной, кухонной и столовой посуды, а также аксессуары для дома.

У IKEA также есть свое водное такси, которое представляет собой бесплатное паромное сообщение, курсирующее между магазином IKEA Brooklyn и пирсом 11 / Уолл-стрит на Манхэттене. Паром является популярным транспортным средством для покупателей, посещающих магазин ИКЕА, поскольку он обеспечивает живописный и удобный способ путешествовать между Бруклином и Манхэттеном.

Покупатели обычно ценят водное такси ИКЕА за его удобство и доступность, поскольку оно предлагает бесплатный и быстрый способ передвижения для тех, кто посещает магазин ИКЕА. Многие клиенты также наслаждаются живописным видом на горизонт Нью-Йорка и Ист-Ривер во время поездки на пароме.


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