Chelsea Piers Sky Rink

New York City, 61 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011

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We had such a fabulous day there that it's hard to review the facility itself, but everything was fine and we had no real complaints.

For the fifth star, it'd need seating in the West Rink beyond just the couple little benches at the ends, and space for hockey players to air out their gear between games at a tournament. But what was there sufficed, with a bit of creative effort.

It's an ok rink. The price is $20 for public skating which is quite expensive for 80 mins of skate time. You do get a nice view of the river but can be a bit hard to see from the rink as the rink is elevated. Rinks feel a little smaller than most which results in center ice being reserved for private skate lessons. It's the main all year round rink in nyc

Large complex, quality ice, great seating areas. NO HEAT. No heat in the locker rooms, lobby, elevator or bathrooms. No where to get warm unless you happen to be the guy making the pizzas and standing by the oven. Also no hot water in the bathrooms for when you wash your hands.

The guys running the pizza shop/snack bar were very nice. Pizza was good. But again—-for the prices being charged for parking, public skating, pizza, etc—-turn on some heat.

Thought about it. Seems like a great idea. I laughed when I saw it and feel bad for those who spent money on this. The ad makes it look very cool. In actuality, you're skating around on a small surface and you're right in the middle of people looking at the views. To me it's a scam. My guess is most people purchase without seeing it and are disappointed.

I had a really great time skating there, the skates I rented weren’t too good but I had some fun overall so I can’t complain much about it.

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Reviews about Chelsea Piers Sky Rink

03.02.2024 12:59
My kiddos have taken lessons at Chelsea piers & do open skate often - so fun! (A little congested on weekends, though, so be prepared to skate with the crowds.)
03.06.2023 12:33
Great place for a skate! Even fun to just sit and watch the others!


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