King Cab Halal Food Cart

New York City, 10th Ave &, W 28th St, New York, NY 10001


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The food is horrible and Smells horrible it's old. I couldn't take a second bite. Stay away from here

I order check over rice

Look like burn and not any taste waste of money I try on 6 ave and 18 street is more batter then this

Tasty chicken and lamb platter for 10 bucks (photo below is without rice and French fries but they have those too). Close to Hudson Yards businesses.

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Reviews about King Cab Halal Food Cart

06.02.2024 13:24
Perfect food on the go.
17.12.2023 19:28
Lovely service, delicious food
17.12.2023 19:28
I found a trash from their rise, and also they said is open 24 hours but almost every time when I went there at night they said closed, I’ll not recommend it anymore.
17.12.2023 19:27
Friendly service and the lamb gyro is fantastic! I’m lucky to have this place near my office!
15.04.2023 15:05
Best halal truck in the Chelsea area. Reliable and consistent, standard cost. They keep the hacks fed, their main trade, and love it when they sell to any passersby apart from that.

Top recommend: falafel gyro


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