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Our Downtown Manhattan dental office is dedicated to providing the best possible dental care experience to our patients. Focusing on the individual goals of each patient, we deliver comprehensive dentistry in a convenient, relaxing and comfortable state-of-the-art setting. Our gentle, caring and knowledgeable staff guarantees the comfort of every member of your family. Whether you require oral health maintenance or a smile makeover, we will give you the personalized attention that you deserve.

In addition to offering the best treatment experience and finest results to our patients using the latest technology, we also educate you on how to obtain and maintain a healthy mouth. We will do everything possible to ensure that your visit is pleasant and comfortable.

We participate in or accept most union and dental insurance plans. Please click here for a partial list of the insurances we accept.

Below are some of the most common services we provide:

Complete Dental Exam
Dental Fillings
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
Crowns and Veneers
Implant Restoration
Fixed and Removable Prosthetics



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Reviews about Metropolitan Dental Associates

06.02.2024 17:06
I had my first appointment at the 225 Broadway location recently. As a retired RN I am always interested in how medical offices operate. I am writing to praise the stellar customer service by both Mike (answers phones and makes appointments and advised on how the clinic can meet your needs) and Tanji at the front desk, who walks you through the steps to expect during your evaluation appointment and helps you to understand how your insurance will work and how to negotiate the insurance beurocracy to get the best value and care. Mike and Tanji are both amazing, caring, concerned, knowledgeable and responsive and so sweet! I hope the clinic owners appreciate them!
P.S. I have not had any dental treatments yet, so I cannot vouch for the professional services.
06.02.2024 17:06
This was hands down the WORST dental experience I have EVER had!!

The only positive thing that I will say is that the people working at the front desk were nice.

First of all, I had to wait over an hour to be seen and then was led into a tiny room for x-rays, which were ok because you can't really go that wrong with x-rays, but whatever.

I was then seen by one dentist briefly who was nice, but just only looked at my mouth and said that I needed a cleaning. Well, duh, that's why I was there!! The worst part of this entire experience was the cleaning!!! An older male dentist did my cleaning for some reason and let me start by saying that this was the MOST painful cleaning I have ever had!! I seriously was about to cry! He went on and on about by saying, "Oh, you must have really sensitive teeth, do you usually experience this much pain?" Um hell no, I never experience any pain when I get my teeth cleaned. The cleaning was painful and awful and I was left with a bloody mouth and my teeth still hurt today. That particular dentist should not be cleaning anyone's teeth EVER!!! BEWARE!!!!
06.02.2024 17:05
Great dentist, they always have appointments and the wait time is very short.
20.11.2023 18:36
I just went to have a tooth remove with the oral surgeon. My tooth had an infection which he clear. i didn’t feel a thing and he was done so fast. I was very impressed by his work. After my extraction they gave me instructions and some gauze to take home. There was no swelling or any pain. All the staff to me are very polite and friendly.
20.11.2023 18:34
It was a good experience and they were able to remove the plaque via deep cleaning. Tammy Cruz also helped me understand the importance of flossing regularly.
20.11.2023 18:34
SCAM ALERT. If you want to wait for 4-5 hours to be seen - that's the right place to call in.
They started to see patients which arrived much later for a following excuse: my tooth extraction is much difficult and they don't want to rly deal with it, gave me a laugh and walked away.
After I was seen I was told there is a procedure that is not covered by insurance and they asked for $1500 to pay out of the pocket. After calling my insurance to confirm that everything is free, the doctor told me that I don't know anything about how insurance works, they will tell you over the phone that it's covered but they don't. The insurance said that all they have to do is request a refund authorization for that procedure.
After 6 hours in the office I was kicked out due to the fact that they are closing, and they won't do anything for me, coz I declined to pay out of pocket.
The dental surgery Russian Mafia works just like a charm
20.11.2023 18:34
There's a reason this place has an overwhelming amount of bad reviews. This place has the nastiest and rudest staff. If you call and ask them questions or help regarding past and future appointments, the incredibly unprofessional secretary will just answer one question and then hang up on you when in the middle of your follow up question.

At first I thought this was an accident but I called back and she did the same thing again but with a bigger attitude problem. She basically slams the phone on you like you're bothering them. I have no idea how they're still in business. Do not give this place your business or your money. Go anywhere else
20.11.2023 18:33
I been coming to this dentist office for years. They are very phenomenal and they have service me very well. They are the best. The staff is amazing and caring. The dentist is nice as well and very detail when it comes to questions and concern. I really enjoy coming here.
20.11.2023 18:33
I never leave reviews but I needed to make others genuinely aware of this office. This place has the worst service. They didn’t even tell me my wait time, my basic cleaning appointment took over 3 hours, plus I was on time to my appointment. So unprofessional, rude front desk, very unacceptable. There is a reason why we book appointments.
When it was finally my turn, service wasn’t good either. My dental hygienist wasn’t gentle at all, another nurse was on a personal call on her AirPods. I will not be returning here ever again.


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