Kavkazkiy Dvorik - Ресторан Кавказский Дворик Бруклин Нью-Йорк

New York City, 2715 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Restaurant of Caucasian cuisine Kavkazkiy Dvorik in Brooklyn

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Everything was great, however I was supposed to wear warmer clothes for the room we were sitting in. There was not enough heat for the winter time in the back yard room

The food was fine. Read the bill before you pay. They got me for $60 on food that was never ordered nor given to the table. On top of that they charge a service charge though not stated on the menu from what I can tell. I tossed in an $80 tip not knowing that they hit me for $100 in falsified food charges and the service charge itself

Best food I’ve had in Brooklyn! The hospitality is amazing the service is phenomenal will definitely be coming back for sure !!!!!!

We ordered two kharchos and one pilaf for $35 with dried fruits. So there was more meat in the kharcho than in the pilaf. How it can be I can't imagine.

The kharcho was delicious, the pilaf was not very good, considering that there was almost no meat there, they were very greedy for meat. The conclusion is that you can only take soup.

Кухня суперская, все очень вкусно. Только во дворе холодно, но летом классно, конечно.

Service was very good food excellent we come back again I recommended

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Reviews about Kavkazkiy Dvorik - Ресторан Кавказский Дворик Бруклин Нью-Йорк

06.02.2024 13:18
Food and service was perfect. Thank you so much.
06.02.2024 13:18
I haven't been here before.We were there to celebrate friend's birthday food was very delicious.Stuff also was friendly and nice especially German.Live music,delicious food together makes your day special.
06.02.2024 13:14
Всем рекомендую посетить заведение его изюминка это персонал который с пониманием и хорошим настроением обслуживает гостей)

Также не забываем об вкусной кухне отдельно хотел бы отметить атмосферу заведения все очень красиво и по домашнему.
17.12.2023 18:23
We had birthday party at lunch time, food and service was great! Will come back!
17.12.2023 18:23
Food in the menu has very good prices, alcohol is very expensive, for 300 g Vodka we paid 60$, + 40$ for kind of service, which never heard. I’ve been in many restaurants in my life, but never paid so much money for 300 g Vodka.

Also, the portions are very small.

I don’t recommend this place to anyone.
Be careful, make sure that you question the price for the alcohol, and about the service fee.
I have my own business, but never ripped off my customers.
Run your business correct way, my personal advice.

Stay away from this place!!!
17.12.2023 18:23
Очень вкусная кухня. Замечательное обслуживание.
Но, если бы в помещении ресторана было бы потеплее, пожалуй, мы бы смогли посидеть ещё подольше....
Очень рекомендую посетить это заведение всем желающими кавказской кухни!
29.04.2023 14:51
The outdoor seating was good but was very hot with one fan so it was not set up for summer parties. The food was good, service was very good and attentive. Live music was entertaining. Also, finding parking spot very easy, especially that neighborhood's street no parking restrictions.


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