Nargis Cafe Brooklyn

New York City, 1655 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Welcome. This is Nargis Cafe. Elegant & sophisticated restaurant. Our menu includes a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Nargis has quickly become a well-known international escape for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Nargis has quickly become a well-known international escape for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Since it first opened its doors in 2007 Nargis provides a gateway into Uzbek cuisine and its best traditions. Our authentic décor and cozy ambiance imbue every experience with a taste and feel of Central Asian cuisine and culture.

Our menu includes a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy. The main dishes are prepared with only the highest quality meats, and our homemade “Manti” is a staple that has turned first-time customers into regular visitors. Stop in for a uniquely spiced salad, adorned with mixed green, yogurt, cucumbers, and radishes. Or try our “Bojon” salad, a fascinating delicacy served with eggplant puree and fresh garlic. Warm up with our freshly brewed green tea, served in a traditional piyala, as well as our marvelous “plov” (with lamb meat, rice, carrots, and chickpeas), “samsa” (steamed meat dumplings), “shurpa”(meat broth with vegetables) or “lagman” (diced meat, vegetables and homemade noodles). Our authentic dishes appeal to the most seasoned palates, as well as newcomers to Central Asian cuisine. Nargis’ culinary creations are the progeny of proprietor and the chef Boris Bangiev, a virtuoso of the culinary art. Everything in Nargis is original and unique – unsurpassed Central Asian food, warm and caring atmosphere, and eastern hospitality.



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If I have one place that I can say that has never ever let me down, it is this amazing place. Nargis Cafe has the best service and food in the Borough.

amazing place. michelin star restaurants wish they could execute flavor and juiciness like this. shashlek 10/10. Samsa 10/10. Avocado salad. 10/10. home made bread 9/10. service 10/10.

I like the interior design of the uzbek restaurant. The entrance part is modern designed where you can drink coffee during the day. the back side is in the concept of dinner. It was necessary to make a reservation for the upper floor in advance. I like Uzbek food. you should try.

What a disaster. The kitchen is an absolute mess. They brought out half the appetizers, bread took 45 minutes to come out.

Then another 30 mins for some more salads. They brought out completely raw chicken. The manager who is the owners wife, came out to argue that the chef said it’s cooked. Are you out of your mind. It gets better, at the end of the meal, she comes over to the table and says we had an issue with the tickets not printing in the kitchen and that’s why the food coming out had so many issues. So how is this out problem in any capacity???? We continuously asked the waiter every 10 minutes where is the food we ordered. The meat is completely raw inside. They brought out half the entrees the others we had to wait another hour. The kitchen is an absolute mess. I’ve given them so many tries but this is the last one. They charged us for the raw chicken and all the mess ups they made. No apology, nothing at all. Given a full bill. This was the absolute worst experience. Hospitality like this shouldn’t be rewarded with customers. This is the last time going here and I will never recommend to anyone.

The food was very good, especially the bread, hummus and avocado salad.

This place is the truth. Always been a customer since 2017. The food, the environment is spectacular.

I will forever return.

Beautiful modern Uzbek Restaurant. Pleasantly dim lighting and Bosa nova music playing in the background. Food is delicious. The waitstaff could be better. They were all young and in uniforms. Enthusiastic to help. But they don't come and ask you if you need anything. Our order was mixed up. It wasn't a smooth operation. Also the 2 and 4 people tables are situated next to the kitchen, where the staff are running in and out of, which ruins the otherwise pleasant vibe.

Got there by mistake... not recommending ..very average in all aspects

One of my best Uzebeak restaurant.. good soup and salad kebab..Calamari and shrimp is not fresh and not delicious..I never order again

We were interested in trying Central Asian cuisine and thankfully we found our way to Nargis Cafe. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We especially enjoyed the beet salad which has to be one of the best salads we've ever had, with a dessert of Prince Meringue. Of all the dishes we ordered, not one disapointed. Additionally, the service was amazing, our server was warm and friendly and gave great recommendations. This is definitely a must-try!

Great place, food, atmosphere and music, everything was just amazing! And there was a girl with beautiful name Nigora! We would like to thank her for everything! it was the best dinner at Nargis tonight! Thank you Ms. Nigora!

Ps: she deserves a good bonus;)

Friday evening drop by for dinner. We usually pass by this place and have ordered take out. This was our first time ordering and eating at the venue.

The space from outside looks small but it’s spacious inside. Multiple floors accessible through elevator for strollers and wheel chairs access. The management informed us soon they will have Liquor license and will open the roof area. We ordered… 1-Uzbek pilaf 2- Beet Salad 3-pasta with shrimp Service was quick and pleasant. They have a huge selection of menu items. Portions have gotten smaller and price aswell has dropped. All in all great pleasant experience, scrumptious food and will definitely try brunch sometime.

Узбекскую кухню пробовал в Ташкенте и может из-за етого такое сравнение в общем не плохо но блюд из баранины особо не богатый, шашлык не дожаренный. По ценам нельзя сказать дёшево но и не дорого.

Food wasn't good, horrible Cheburek, really bad Solyanka. Kutabi with meat was bad but with herb's were OK.

Also fried liver was good. I would not recommend.

Отличный ресторан! Вкуснейшая еда!!! Располагающая атмосфера, любезный персонал, музыка, ароматы, стильный, но сдержанный дизайн, цены приемлемые.

Приятный дизайн, музыка, роскошная атмосфера. Все блюда, которые мы попробовали были очень вкусными. Заслуженные 5 звезд!

Спасибо вам большое!

Плов -супер! Салат-изумительный.Огромное спасибо за полученное удовольствие Повару отдельная благодарность .Чувствуется в блюдо вложена любовь .Приятно осознавать , что от коллектива этого заведения веет теплотой и заботой.Так держать!

New Nargis is very good.

Great food, affordable, fast service. Dined in and will definitely come back.

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Reviews about Nargis Cafe Brooklyn

07.02.2024 14:06
Celebrating my birthday at Nargis was an absolutely delightful experience that far exceeded my expectations.
Hosting a large party can often be stressful, but the staff at Nargis made every step of the process seamless and enjoyable. From the initial booking to the final farewell, their attention to detail and genuine care for our experience was evident.
The highlight, of course, was the food. The menu offered a wide variety of Mediterranean delights, catering to all tastes and dietary preferences in our group. Every dish was a hit, from the perfectly grilled kebabs to the assortment of samsa , each bursting with authentic flavors. The freshness of Plov ingredients and the skillful preparation by Baha were apparent in every bite.
What truly made the evening memorable was the exceptional service. The staff was attentive without being intrusive, ensuring our glasses were always full and our plates were promptly served. Alex and his team (waiters and bass boys) went out of their way to accommodate our large group, making everyone feel welcomed and taken care of. The personal touches, like the surprise dessert (Pavlova) the birthday celebration, added a special note to the evening.
Nargis is not just a restaurant; it's a place where wonderful memories are made.
07.02.2024 14:02
Everything was delicious. we tried many dishes and were very pleased with all of them. very cozy and beautiful place. the staff are real professionals.
Thank you very much. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone
07.02.2024 13:58
I visit different restaurants very often, but rarely leave reviews, but Nargiz cafe is an exception, this is the BEST PLACE I have ever been in New York! I don’t even know what I would like to recommend, because everything was delicious, excellent food and service, every single dish was soo delicious, no matter what you ordered, you can’t go wrong! Large menu, it made my eyes wide open! Cozy, new and modern interior, all the employees are very friendly and pleasant professionals! Everything was served on time, everything was hot and soo fresh! We couldn't resist and ordered food to go as well! I would love to see this place open in Los Angeles! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone! And of course thanks to chef Bakhtior for this incredible experience
18.12.2023 20:41
It was my second visit to this spot. Everything was great!
• Unfortunately the place is quite noisy, you can't have a quiet conversation as there is not much space.
• Food and dessert was delicious!
• Nargis tea was awesome It has a certain sourness and sweetness. It made you feel relaxed!
• The staff was very attentive and polite! Alexander, Arina and other members made my stay magical and unforgettable
I recommend this restaurant for everybody
18.12.2023 20:40
Delicioso y muy agradable y también elegante me encantó la atención muy recomendado la comida excelente de verdad 100% recomendado Uzbekistán food tenía ganas de comer algo diferente y la experiencia fue sensacional
18.12.2023 20:39
This is not my first time at the new location nargiz cafe, but this is my first time experiencing an outstanding service. Our server Alexander was very knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. He made our experience unforgettable. Food was good. Thank you!
18.12.2023 20:39
Очень душевно и семейно. Очень красивый и модерновый интерьер, прекрасно оформленные блюда, про вкус нет слов, искусства клунарии! Спасибо огромное за все! Персональ дружелюбный, ребята сотрудники прекрасные, сделали наш вечер незабываемым. Только могу пожелать: радуйте нас всегда и больше))) Наргис просветай!
18.12.2023 20:38
Thanks to our server Alessandr, our evening was made even more enjoyable than we hoped
18.12.2023 20:38
Aleksandr the best server ever. Thank you for the good service.
18.12.2023 20:38
Благодарю за отличный ужин. Очень вкусные манты. Удивили цены - ниже ожидаемого мной. Персонал был очень внимательным и заботливым. Везде чисто, санузел в том числе - редкость для Бруклина. В первом зале немного прохладно, но меня об этом заботливо предупредили, я сама решила посидеть у окна.
18.12.2023 20:34
Awesome restaurant. We been there with my family everything was fantastic. Service is great, very polite and professional staff. The food and dessert are delicious. The atmosphere is cozy and quiet. We had wonderful dinner with my family, definitely will come back again. 100% satisfied and recommend.
18.12.2023 20:34
It was my first time in this cafe and it was great, the food was very tasty, the service is at a high level, the waiters are very attentive to the guests, also there is a nice interior with a nice homely atmosphere.
18.12.2023 20:33
It’s been a while since I have been to Nargis Cafe but I absolutely love this cafe! It’s very cozy restaurant serving tasty food from my culture aka the Kazakh/Uzbek culture. I was really impressed with the plov, manti and samsa along with the salads! The waiters were very kind and courteous and I will recommend this restaurant to my friends and family and will hopefully come back to eat more delicious food including their Beshbarmak.
18.12.2023 20:31
Nargis Cafe is an amazing place, it offers an amazing service ! We had our Christmas party in Nargis on December 16. Food was truly amazing everything was top notch, meat, fish, salads were amazing, chef at Nargis is a master in making delicious and proper prepared dish. called " Manti" OMG ask for it it's just very deliciouse the other jewel of a dish is Samsa very delicious as well! They are masters in all Central Asia food All dishes were delicious Special thanks to our waiter Dason ( sorry may be I misspelled his name ) the guy know how to make clients happy, very polite, very attentive it was a pleasure to had him as our head waiter he took a great care of our big company Thanks !
18.12.2023 20:30
We love the new Nargiz Cafe. The food, service and entertainment are great! Highly recommend it!
30.04.2023 14:53
Service was top-notch. Interior is new and smells fresh. The food is excellent.


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