Arzu palace Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 2390 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Restaurant of delicious Uzbek cuisine in Brooklyn

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My friend hosted a birthday party there . The food service and interior design of the restaurant is amazing

I didnt know this place existed, but this place is one of the best restaurants I went to.

hello, this restaurant is very clean, beautiful, the service is satisfactory, the food is tasty and sweet, and most importantly, it is not expensive, please visit

Хорошее, уютный восточный ресторан. Удобно.

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Reviews about Arzu palace Brooklyn, NY

01.02.2024 16:41
Everything is 5 stars,music was nice but to loud .
15.12.2023 18:50
Рекомендую, очень гостеприимно, умеют обслужить. и во время и качесивенно, вчера сидели и еще раз убедились ,что будем все праздники отмечать именно здесь. спасибо администратору.
15.12.2023 18:50
I recently dined at a this lovely Uzbek restaurant in Brooklyn, and I was truly impressed by the authentic flavors of the dishes. The food was delicious, and it felt like a culinary journey to Uzbekistan. The ambiance was warm and inviting, adding to the overall experience.

However, there was one drawback that affected my dining experience – the music program was too loud. While I understand the desire to create a lively atmosphere, it made it challenging to have conversations at a comfortable volume. I believe that a more moderate music level would enhance the dining experience without compromising the restaurant's vibrant ambiance.

Despite the noise issue, the restaurant's authentic cuisine is definitely worth trying, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a taste of Uzbekistan in Brooklyn.
30.04.2023 15:28
good place


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