Sherdor - Ресторан узбекской кухни Шердор в Бруклине

New York City, 1917 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Разнообразный узбекский ресторан представляет собой удивительную атмосферу с мясными продуктами, особенно узбекский пилав и шашлык. Бесплатная доставка 

В Sherdor мы предлагаем отличную качественную еду и приглашаем вас насладиться вкусной кухней.

Ключ к нашему успеху прост: мы предлагаем высококачественные блюда, которые всегда очень вкусные. Мы гордимся тем, что предлагаем нашим клиентам восхитительные и оригинальные блюда, например: Азиатская , Кебаб, Турецкая.

Наслаждайтесь настоящими кулинарными шедеврами. Выберите напиток. Но, прежде всего, расслабьтесь! Мы хотели бы поблагодарить Вас за постоянную поддержку.


The most interesting reviews

Если вы хотите Самаркандский плов, только в Шердор

This restaurant serves superb, authentic Achiq-Chuchuk salad (Tashkent City specialty), umami Hash soup (Tajik offal food cuisine), excellent, juicy Liver Kebab (Uzbek/Tajik), savory Marokand Salad (à la French). If you want to try traditional food combinations: 1) order Green Tea or say “yak ta fameel choi” (after it’s brought out, let it steep for 15-20 minutes to activate tannins that will help with digestion) with 2 skewers of Liver Kebab or say “doot tah jeeghar, please”, and one round bread or say “yak ta no-on”. This should be plenty for a nice, comfortable meal (you won’t feel stuffed if you drink tea after having finished the liver). Combination #2, order Green Tea and let it steep on your table until after you are done with all food, at the same time order Achiq Chuchuk salad as your appetizer, and place an order for Bayram Osh (savory, staple rice pilaf dish), this is enough food for two people without feeling stuffed and regretting it later . Ask away for more combinations if needed. The language enclosed is Tajik but you can also speak Russian, Uzbek or English as well. Please note that 18% tip is automatically included in the bill. Enjoy!

Amazing food, the new owners did a great job! would definitely eat here again. some of the best european/uzbeck food that i’ve had in a while.

Great restaurant. Polite service. And I recommend the lamb skewers and the plov.

Wow !!! I’ve been to many Uzbek cuisine places and this is the best one so far. I love the atmosphere. I love the food their plov is excellent and shashlik is absolutely amazing. Meat is juicy and tender and very very favor full . If you are looking for real Uzbek cousin you should definitely try this place.

Я хочу написать с большой благодарностью этому ресторану , такой плов я не ела в Америке уже 18 лет наверное !! Приехала с Квинса !! Где много ресторанов разного вида плов и многое разное !! Но этот ресторан меня уделил Мы всей семьей, и все мои друзья были довольны от души !!! Рекомендую !! Каждому попробовать !!! К стати забыла отметить салаты , которых нет ни у кого такой ассортимент и жареная рыба !!Спасибо большое еще раз !!! Ресторану Шердор!!!

Очень вкусно и приятно! Рекомендую всем кто хочет настоящую Самаркандскую кухню.

Great place, freshly made food and very friendly staff

We loved to come here and have plov, but about 4 days ago we visited it for our favorite dish and, as my friend warned me, I felt it change it's not that taste it had before, plz correct it, we like Uzbek kitchen!

This is the best Plov I've tasted in America. A very pleasant cafe with Uzbek cuisine. Great atmosphere and nice staff.

There are very good prices for such an excellent quality of food. A very good selection of dishes and desserts. I also liked the waiters' clothes. The waiters are dressed in national costumes painted with gold thread.

This restaurant’s owner has to understand that Kazan Kabab is done with Lamb meat, and not with Beef or 50/50.

I ordered Kazan kabab few times already and each time I’m disappointed about it. It’s either came with beef or 1-2 days old. Question: why are you trying to save on lamb? Please don’t go cheap and make as it suppose to be. Thanks

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Reviews about Sherdor - Ресторан узбекской кухни Шердор в Бруклине

09.02.2024 14:30
Best osh I’ve ever had in US. One of those small places with the best food ever. I love the service too. I’d give them more than 5 stars if I could. Good job guys, really!!!
09.02.2024 14:29
Order borscht and kebab with potatoes and mushrooms. Bathroom clean, bread delicious. If order plov, watch for spicy pepper on top
21.12.2023 20:11
Sherdor is one of the best restaurants in whole New York! Food is great, prices are unbeatable And excellent service. Lyulya kabab is my Personal favorite. Highly recommend.
21.12.2023 20:11
I love this place. Allways fresh and amazingly tasty food. They got everything you want to try from the uzbek and russian food. Plov, somsa, kebabs —- everything is sooooo delicious! Thank you guys! P.S. The best service i have ever seen in all the places i have been! Thank you guys!
21.12.2023 20:11
We have been coming here since 2018. And always we enjoyed with food and price. But not today! We paid around 200$ for 2 adults and 1 kid for 2 soups and 2 position of plov . Moreover price for I piece of napoleon is $ 12 very disappointed!! Overpriced for regular lunch!!! Highly do not recommend this overpriced place. Now I’m not surprised that not crowded here than before.
21.12.2023 20:10
This restaurant has such a great atmosphere and very welcoming staff! Really reliable place to take American friends to when introducing them to Tajik and Uzbek cuisine in a refined setting, and also a spot that my Tajik friends really enjoy.
21.12.2023 20:10
all the positive reviews seem to be fake 'cause it a place with overpriced food and drinks
21.12.2023 20:10
We are ordered 4 shurpa, 2 fatir bread, 4 ginger ale can soda, 2 salad, we received delivery but price was 105$. This is in Brooklyns restaurants I saw first time like this price. This is to high price for our order. Management must be checked another restaurant price too, because in Brooklyn not one only Sherdor restaurant. Be careful for order guys.
21.12.2023 20:10
Great food , best service!! Recommend
29.04.2023 14:11
Great place to have uzbek food !!!
waitress and waiters are also polite and good servise


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