Sophia Wu, MD, FACOG

New York City, 32 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011

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She is not a patient doctor. I wouldn’t go back to see her again. When we asked the pregnancy related question to her,she was extremely mean and losing patience, she keep saying “as I mentioned before…” made us look we were so dumb. It is our first pregnancy and we didn’t know much about it. I really do think a lot of these 5 stars were purchased review.

We had two meetings with Dr. Wu for my wife’s pregnancy check. We encountered a few problems during the process. She did not monitor my wife’s HCG level which seemed off, considering that we had checked with many different OBGYNS, and they all said HCG is necessary during the process. During the first visit, my wife(5th weeks) was so terrified for ectopic.

So she gave us an ultrasound check which is understandable. But sooner than later she want us to come back another 10 days for another ultrasound, which we thought was a bit too excessive considering that it’s only at a very early stage of her pregnancy and the check ins she requested may have been too frequent for our liking. Additionally, she mentioned miscarriage numerous times and had added some unnecessary stress since we know that she’s only at an early stage of her pregnancy. We question the accuracy of her diagnosis and is hesitant to go back for her consultation again. Her suggestions regarding her symptoms seemed a bit inaccurate.

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09.02.2024 14:51
Saw Dr. Wu for annual. The visit was quick. I was expecting her to ask me questions about my health as I am a new patient and wasn’t sure what should be concerned in a visit like this. Instead, she asked me multiple times if I have questions for her. Didn’t feel she was proactive as a doctor and concerned about patient's health. Felt she just did what needs to be done and sent me out of door as quickly as possible. When the test result was ready, I had some questions. This was when the nightmare began. I called multiple times at different time on different dates. No matter which option I chose (scheduling, test result, prescription, etc.), the wait time was loooooooooooooooong and only ended with voice mail. I got a live person only once by pressing test result option, and she transferred me to “clinic” which also ended with voice mail. I did leave voice mail messages 3 times, but none was returned by the doctor herself or the office.
Cannot imagine if I need something urgent from this doctor. If you feel this is the normal practice and the care you should receive, go ahead and pay a visit.


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