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New York City, 1872 80th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Bensonhurst Dental is your leading Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Office located in the center of NYC. Our patients receive unique blend of caring, comfort and the most advanced cosmetic dental procedures available today. At Bensonhurst Dental, we utilize cutting-edge technology in conjunction with scientific and clinical research to deliver the most accurate diagnosis for our clients. As part of your visit we check all your restorations such as crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, etc. for decay or old age. X-rays may be recommended to see inside and between teeth1.

- Cosmetic dentistry

- Teeth whitening

- Endodontics

- Orthodontics

- Children's dentistry


- Maxillofacial Surgery

The most interesting reviews

I had an absolutely wonderful experience getting veneers done by Dr. Daniel and his team at BDC. The staff was amazing, and the office was so clean and welcoming. They even offered me a delicious smoothie before my appointment!

Dr. Daniel is a true perfectionist and made sure that every detail of my veneers was just right. The results have been truly life-changing for me, and I feel more confident than ever before. Angie, who is the first person you meet when you arrive, was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. She consulted with me and made sure that all of my needs were met. The entire team was behind me every step of the way. During my treatment, Ty and Luke had amazing bedside manner and took care of me. They made sure that I was comfortable and that the procedure was going smoothly. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Daniel and his team at BDC for anyone looking for exceptional dental care. Thank you for giving me the smile of my dreams!

What a fabulous dental experience. Came for a cleaning and a whitening, left with having met the lovely team and excellent dental hygienist and of course, Dr. Daniel R. From spa towels to Netflix to smoothies (light ones for my white teeth, obviously, this place has everything. I look forward to coming back.

My experience at the Bensonhurst Dental Care today was absolutely amazing! As soon as I walked in they took care of me and quickly assisted me with everything that I needed. I was then brought back to start with my cleaning and whitening with no wait! The hygienist did an amazing job and continuously kept on making sure I was ok and in no pain. Overall, my experience was so enjoyable, I even felt like I was at a spa with the great service!!! Will be going back for any dental concerns:)

First of all I would say my experience was life changing. I had not an easy case and with my previous experience I am kind of gave up to have perfect smile. The result was way above my expectations! It’s healthy, incredibly beautiful and natural smile. Whole Bensonhurst team is top professionals. Plus they are suuuuch warm and caring people. I was searching for the right dental clinic for more than 3 years so 100% recommend them

Dr.Marina and the whole staff at Bensonhurst Dental are the best of the best. I have never experienced such a pleasant and fun and exciting place to be at (especially the DENTIST) I have gone to so many dental offices to fix my teeth and it has always been trial and error and I am so happy and blessed to finally have found THE BEST DENTIST and office. DR.MARINA is by far the most professional, experienced and amazing dentist I’ve ever come across. Not only is she a wonderful dentist but she is such a genuine and kind person who truly makes you feel at home like family. I am SOOOO happy with my new white and bright smile!! Thank you a million Dr.Marina

- Косметическая стоматология

- Отбеливание зубов

- Эндодонтия

- Ортодонтия

- Детская стоматология

- Челюстно-лицевая хирургия

Д-р Александр Рубинштейн занимается стоматологией более 25 лет. Он получил докторскую степень в стоматологической школе Нью-Йоркского университета и был членом почетного общества. Доктор Рубинштейн является членом правления ALD | Академия лазерной стоматологии и АДА . Доктор Алекс использует последние достижения в стоматологии и деловой практике, что позволяет ему лечить своих пациентов и предоставлять им исключительные услуги.

Его основное внимание уделяется хирургии полости рта, восстановлению имплантатов и лазерной стоматологии. Доктор Рубинштейн - один из 1,8% стоматологов в Америке, предлагающий новейшую лазерную стоматологию. Лазерная технология обеспечивает непревзойденные преимущества для наших пациентов, которые не хотят сверлить, не делать разрезов и не чувствовать онемения в большинстве стоматологических процедур. Доктор Рубинштейн работает с каждым типом пациентов. Если вы по какой-то причине нервничаете из-за посещения стоматолога, он способен сделать ваш опыт максимально безболезненным и приятным. 

Bensonhurst Dental Care - ваш ведущий косметический и реставрационный стоматологический кабинет, расположенный в центре Бруклина.

Наши пациенты получают уникальное сочетание заботы, комфорта и самых современных косметических стоматологических процедур, доступных сегодня.

В Bensonhurst Dental Care мы используем передовые технологии в сочетании с научными и клиническими исследованиями, чтобы поставить наиболее точный диагноз для наших клиентов.

В рамках вашего визита мы проверяем все ваши реставрации, такие как коронки, пломбы, мосты, виниры и т. Д. На предмет распада или старости. Рентген может быть рекомендован для наблюдения внутри и между зубами.

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Reviews about , специалист Bensonhurst Dental Care - Alexander Rubinshtein DDS

02.02.2024 12:31
i had the best experience at bensonhurts dental the staff is great, the dr is great, i will never go anywhere else, there an a+ thank you .
19.11.2023 22:03
"I had the pleasure of visiting the dental office for a cleaning recently, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with the hygienist's work. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere that instantly put me at ease. The hygienist's professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the entire experience. Not only did they perform a thorough and gentle cleaning, but they also took the time to provide me with valuable recommendations for oral care and prevention. What stood out to me the most was the hygienist's attention to detail and dedication to ensuring a comfortable experience. They were patient in answering my questions and addressing any concerns I had. The clinic itself was well-maintained and had a relaxing ambiance, making the appointment feel more like a spa-like experience than a routine dental visit. I left the dental office feeling not only satisfied with the cleanliness of my teeth but also empowered with the knowledge to maintain good oral health moving forward. I truly appreciate the hygienist's dedication to their work and their commitment to providing exceptional care to their patients. Thank you for a wonderful experience—I'll definitely be returning for future appointments!"
19.11.2023 22:03
I cannot thank Dr. Daniel and his staff for completely transforming my teeth and giving me the ability to smile again! They are so incredibly thorough and detail oriented and gave me the most natural looking smile. I get compliments all the time! The amount of time each and every staff member took to make me feel special and comfortable during my smile transformation is truly remarkable. ❤️ Thank you is not enough !
19.11.2023 22:02
Great experience at Bensonhurst Dental. Dr. Marina did amazing job taking care of my teeth. Highly recommended to everyone ❤️
19.11.2023 22:02
Money l, money and money. That’s all they care about. The front desk/secretary people are awful. They tried to charge me a 24h cancellation fee when I was just changing my appt with another doctor and it was more than 24h in advance… maybe the phone lady is dumb
18.04.2023 12:26
Great A+ staff and doctors. The facility itself is just mind blowing and extremely modern.


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