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About IU Health University Hospital

Many advances in medicine that help patients throughout the United States originate as ideas in the research laboratories at Indiana University School of Medicine and, through clinical research programs, become incorporated into patient care at IU Health University Hospital.

What begins as the seed of a concept with one of our talented researchers can become a lifesaving treatment for a patient here in Indiana or across the country.

Parking & Transportation

Patients may be dropped off or picked up at the main entrance or as directed on the pre-visit information from your doctor’s office. All garages have elevators, stairs and reserved parking spaces for people with special parking needs. Garages are van accessible, and are always monitored by security officers and cameras.

IU Health University Hospital is located next to a busy college campus, so you may need extra time to travel at certain times of the day.


For a small fee, valet parking is an easy and convenient alternative to parking your own car. Valet parking is $10 for patients and $20 for visitors, per day, and is available Monday through Friday from 5 am - 4:30 pm at the following locations.

IU Health Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center

Michigan Street entrance (1030 W. Michigan St.) Barnhill Drive entrance (535 Barnhill Drive)

When you are ready to retrieve your vehicle: Please follow the instructions on your claim ticket to text your ticket number to the phone number on your ticket. You may then visit the valet cashier window located inside the entrance lobby to pay your fee and collect your vehicle.


Two convenient parking garages are available for patients and visitors for a small fee.

The Adult Outpatient Center Garage at IU Health University Hospital and IUPUI’s Vermont Street garage are now fully automated. Automated Pay Stations are located in the garages. Cash, credit card and IUPUI issued validations can be used for payment. For any issues or questions, call 317.274.4232. Please note, the Simon Family Tower garage is NOT included in this change.

Tips for using the APS system:

Take an entry ticket when entering the garage. Do not bend, damage or lose the ticket. When leaving the hospital, look for signs that point to APS machines. Insert the ticket into the APS machine. (The APS accepts cash, credit cards and IUPUI parking validation cards.) Pay the amount shown. The machine will validate and return your ticket. Use the ticket at the exit station to exit the garage.

In addition to paying at an APS station, payment can also be made at an “Exit Terminal” located at each exit. Credit cards and IUPUI parking validation cards are accepted at the exit terminals. Note: Cash is not accepted at the exit terminals.

University Garage at IU Health University Hospital

Located on the northeast corner of the hospital next to the IU Health University Hospital main entrance on University Blvd, this garage serves all outpatients, inpatients and hospital visitors. For the most up-to-date parking rates, please visit IUPUI Parking Services.

IUPUI’s Vermont Street Garage

Located on Vermont Street, one street south of Michigan Street, this garage serves all outpatients, inpatients and hospital visitors. For the most up-to-date parking rates, please visit IUPUI Parking Services.


Monthly Pass

Family and visitors who have a loved one at any IU Health facility for a long-term stay may purchase a monthly parking pass for either surface lots or garages from IUPUI Parking Services. More information can be found at IUPUI Parking Services.


IndyGo is Indianapolis’s public transportation system. There are several bus routes with stops near IU Health University Hospital.

For questions regarding the best route for you, please call the IndyGo Customer Call Center.

IndyGo Customer Service Call Center

Call-in Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 am - 7 pm, Saturdays, 9 am - noon

Taxi Service

If you or your loved one is in need of Indianapolis taxi service, call 317.487.7777 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IU Health Shuttle

The IU Health shuttle service connects IU Health facilities downtown, including IU Health University Hospital. The shuttle service is free and open to the public as well as members of our healthcare team.

Multiple shuttles run during peak hours and each shuttle can accommodate up to 30 riders, minimizing wait times and ensuring efficient service.

Riders have the option to take the downtown route, which stops at six IU Health facilities, or the express route which stops at three locations.

The downtown route runs:

Monday through Friday 6 am – 8 pm Saturday, 8 am – 5 pm No service on Sundays

The express route runs:

Monday – Friday, 7 am – 6 pm No service Saturday or Sunday Your Visit

Our healthcare team understands that having family and friends around is important to the healing process. Your family is welcome anytime, but we do ask guests to follow these guidelines below.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

For your convenience, ATMs are located at the following locations:

Ambulatory Outpatient Center: First floor near the pay phones IU Health Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center: Main Lobby Outside of the Cafeteria: First floor Second Street: West of the Central Elevators Hospital Policies When can guests visit? Please check with the care team for the best visiting times; patients may designate one or two people as a primary support with 24/7 visitation access. Care team members may occasionally change or restrict normal visiting hours in the interest of the patient's health. Can children visit? Children under 18 may visit during regular visiting hours when accompanied by an adult, unless seasonal or special restrictions are in place. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult and cannot be left unattended. If someone is sick, can they visit? For your protection, people should not visit if they are sick, especially if they have a sore throat, cold or fever. What is the IU Health alcohol and drug policy? All IU Health facilities are alcohol and drug-free. Internet Services

IU Health University Hospital is pleased to provide free Wi-Fi for you and your visitors. The wireless network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all areas of our hospital. Please note that IU Health cannot provide technical help for your device or help connecting to the network.

Mail Service Outgoing Mail

A small mailbox is located just past the Central Elevators, across from the chapel on the first floor. Stamps may be purchased at the gift shop.

USPS Station
536 Barnhill Dr.
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm
Closed holiday

Incoming Mail

Patients may receive mail while staying at IU Health University Hospital. Anyone wishing to send mail to a patient should address his or her envelope as follows:

Patient name, unit and room number
IU Health University Hospital
550 University Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Mail you receive after you leave will be forwarded to your home address.

Retail Pharmacy

Pharmacy services, including prescription refills, are available at IU Health University Hospital. You can contact our pharmacy at 317.944.3445 or visit the Pharmacy page to learn more about our services.

Pharmacy Hours:
Monday – Friday, 7 am – 6 pm
Saturday, 8 am – 2 pm


Our team of guest relations representatives and hospital volunteers will be happy to get you a wheelchair when you arrive at the hospital. Please ask any of our team members for assistance or visit the nearest information desk.

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Reviews about IU Health University Hospital

12.11.2023 18:46
I went to the hospital because I was in so much pain they never checked on me I went to the hospital at 11 I waiting for almost 6 hours still haven’t checked on me I’m not going back to this hospital
12.11.2023 18:46
Gave my contact information FOUR times because staff kept losing it some how. They also didn't feed my spouse, not even nutrient fluids.
12.11.2023 18:46
IU hospitals are the one's I choose for their capabilities, medical knowledge and knowledgeable staff. All services are available and the most up-to-date equipment. IU hospitals saved my life a couple of times since 2017.
12.11.2023 18:45
I use IU Health because of the doctors, but I always hate going to appointments and more so, I hate having to call them. Their support staff is awful! They never seem to know what's going on, they transfer you to the wrong department constantly and they are many times rude and unprofessional. It seems the only people who know anything there are the doctors and the rest of the staff barely graduated high school... if that.
12.11.2023 18:45
Serious lack of resources!
Lack of patient care & relations?

Patient advocacy has failed to return contact for 2 weeks; multiple calls.

Program director told me to call advocacy; he don’t care either.

Contacted my IU Health Plans case manager; got another voicemail…

Providers giving you the same failed medications with gene site testing results.

Filed disability discrimination as I’m being denied care / treatment & proper medications.
I cannot get an appointment when I need one.

Apparently, you can’t donate blood etc. with medications for PTSD so I’ll change from being an organ donor!
12.11.2023 18:45
This is the worst experience I’ve ever had at a hospital. EVER….and I have a real good amount of experience. I will NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone ever, and I do not normally feel compelled to leave a review, but I have to share my experience in case it may help others.

First off, I never received any communication on surgery pre op, just the date. No pre op mailings at all. So I really came into my cancer surgery uninformed. Not that big of a deal as I can figure stuff out, but I can’t imagine for someone who has trouble with that type of situation.

Absolutely no information post operation from doctors or multiple residents I believe all had knowledge of my case….Obviously someone should follow up in a reasonable amount of time after a major surgery to inform me, right? Nope. Not a one doctor dealing with my case stopped by nor was I talked to by any doctor post op or on rounds. Still have not seen a doctor post op and it’s been 15 hours at least since my surgery.

I also had a MRI post surgery but the resident who ordered it didn’t respond to whether I needed IV contrast or not…SO I MADE THE CALL and said yes which I believe was right, but still not sure.

Then, they make you share a room….no communication or choice on this. I would have chose a different location if possible had I known this. I was in shock upon discovering this POST OP WITH MY FAMILY AS I WAS WHEELED IN…..I did have a very nice roommate though.

So, as you try to sleep in pain the best you can, nurses and multiple other people going in and out of your room at all hours for someone else. Which is necessary for my roommate and I totally understand that. The picture below is my room at 2:14 am with door open for 5 minutes which woke me.

Now it’s 2:22 am and I had to call the nurse back because no one is coming by to silence the alarm on my roommate’s machine! I also feel horrible for my roommate as well because he is awaken every time I get meds or checked. Absolutely terrible service. I also snore when I’m extremely sleep deprived so it can’t be relaxing for him either.

Update at 4:00 am (second photo) - now they are stopping to take my vitals, which is normal and both staff are very nice…but instead of drawing my blood out of the IV already in place, they had to draw it from my arm because the one staff isn’t allowed to out of the IV, yet the nurse was with my roommate and could have? Weird. Plus, waking my roommate as lights had to be turned on for the draw.

Do not have an inpatient surgery done here if you have a choice. This is by far the most unprofessional and low grade experience ever…..and it’s only 2:30 am of my first night. Very poor quality of a patient experience.

I will update more after discharge. So far, this system has billed my insurance over $700K with everything done. Now I know they negotiate lower rates but that’s what I know the top line dollar amount is because that figure is listed in my EOBs. You would think better service and accommodations could be had for that price.
12.11.2023 18:44
My mom died after having surgery here in 06, and my sister later died in 23, after having surgery at the same hospital. The nursing staff was too busy talking to make sure she received her dinner in spite of her being a diabetic. I wouldn’t allow my dog to be treated here. If you value your life or loved ones don’t use this hospital.
12.11.2023 18:44
My dad was airlifted here after being diagnosed with cancer.this hospital is terrible no communication whatsoever the nurses have no clue about anything or they act like they can't be bothered I visited my dad this hospital is so disgusting and filthy I don't know how they aren't shut down it's very unsanitary my dad had a surgery done and was shoved in a small room and had to have a roommate the reason was oh it's were ever we have room to put the patient he did get moved to a bigger room by himself while I was there the food they serve them isn't great at all it took 3 days after being admitted to find out he had pneumonia. They still haven't even discussed treatment options with him the people working here aren't very friendly at all they walk around with looks on their face like they hate it there I Do Not Recommend sending a loved one here at all if you can go elsewhere cause this dive is not it! I give one star because the head nurse who came in after I was there visiting for awhile was very nice and kind she's about the only good thing I can say about that place. One of the nurses had a sticker over her name on her badge which I thought was super unprofessional also his monitors were going off for quite some time before anyone checking on him and when he called the nurse would answer but take awhile to come help I asked for ice she never came back with it my husband had to go get it at the nurse station because my dad's throat was sore and he was very thirsty.
12.11.2023 18:44
My experience was for the most part really good great liver team , great surgeons great nurses except 1 or 2 of them they were awesome. I had the best nurse practitioner " lyndi messor " very smart and very helpful. I really appreciate everything she did .
12.11.2023 18:44
My MIL is there now recovering from surgery for lung cancer. The care Is subpar and the inpatient floors are just over all dirty and run down. I can see why Medicare gives them one of the lowest hospital ratings in the city. It just feels like a serious mistake can happen at any time and communication is non existent. If I had a loved one that needed surgery, I would look elsewhere. It most certainly is not a “state of the art cancer center”.
12.11.2023 18:43
Dr. Andrea Schaffer blamed all my pain on "fibromyalgia" and "in my head".
Her bedside manner is non-existent and her favorite response is "fine".
Might as well be saying "whatever" with that attitude.
My diagnosis for her: Grade A Narcissist who loves to gaslight her patients.
If she hasn't heard of it, it doesn't exist.
What a joke and waste of time/money.
12.11.2023 18:43
I had my lung cancer surgery there and the staff are wonderful and very talented
12.11.2023 18:43
Not the highest quality of care; hospital facilities are not the best either considering they charge everybody for parking but won't spruce things up.


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