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Gourmet Store

Europa Gourmet store is a family-owned and operated business. We are a European-style supermarket with European products and delicacies. Offering a large variety of assorted goods from European countries to our customers is our main goal.

Producers from Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Germany and many other countries are represented here. We are committed to providing the highest quality and freshness of our goods every time our customers make a purchase.

The vast assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables that are supplied from the farms and are always more affordable than those found in other stores make this store famous. Every day, our bakery creates wonderful, handcrafted bread in addition to a wide variety of delectable pastries. Our crowning achievement is an open buffet with hot dishes, garnish, and salads that allows guests to choose a dish for every taste!

Every day, the freshest ingredients are used to produce the food at the open buffet. Since we provide pricing that is much lower than those of any other store in Florida, a lot of clients travel from other places to shop with us every week.

Now, all your favorite childhood meals can become a highlight of your event! You can guarantee the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests by selecting a team of committed and hardworking specialists from Europa Gourmet for your chosen venue. There's no need to stress about planning or cooking the dishes.

Our talented chefs will cook you and your guests while you enjoy your evening. We will go above and above for you!


The most interesting reviews

Let me tell you ! This place has the freshest foods and its healthy… Since I found this place I don’t go back to racist President Supermarket no more. Thank you God

Excellent European food market fresh vegetables bakery and deliciois this buffet meals very reasonable

Русские товары не стоят таких бешеных денег,что магазин накручивает,некоторые позиции по ценникам не соответствуют действительности,брал украинскую минералку,на ценнике сумма была 2.5$,на кассе ее мне пробили по 5,5$

Great selection of European food.

You can find pretty much anything you looking for.

Huge variety of salads and buffet dishes. Probably the most well stocked Russian grocery store I’ve seen in USA

Good market with a good variety of product from European countries. Little bit expensive compared to other markets. Customer service at the register can be improved; apparently for the lady that helped me out if you do not speak her language you don’t deserve even a courtesy of a “Hi” as a greeting.

Хороший магазин с хорошим ассортиментом товаров из европейских стран. Немного дороже по сравнению с другими рынками. Обслуживание клиентов в кассе может быть улучшено; очевидно, для дамы, которая помогла мне, если вы не говорите на ее языке, вы не заслуживаете даже вежливого «привет» в качестве приветствия.

Не был в этот магазине ровно 2 года . Он изменился до неузнаваемости , большой, просторный , ассортимент захватывает дух . Просто супер , еда вкусная и разнообразная. На буфете девушки помогли понять из чего салат , так как у меня аллергия на лук . Пирожки стали даже вкуснее . В двух словах , магазин преобразился в большой европейский супермаркет .

Perfect product selection. Everything in ready food buffet is really delicious. Excellent service by all stuff but Dasha is the best!

I love this store, they have a good environment and friendly staff. Their store is really clean and they have affordable prices.

Produce is always perfect. Exactly what you need when you need it that day! It's like being transported to tiny markets all over Europe or taking a tour of many countries' kitchens

Delicious I found my chocolate from Poland The food they have to eat there mmm all. The service not good I had wait with my grocery car on line on the only cashier open there,and in a flash in front of my face close the cashier I try to go to one they will opened and all the people behind rush like hungry dogs in front of me and I had to wait again for 8 people and the cashier saw and don't care so left the full car with freezer an other stuff there and I left I won't come back eve 5hey have goof stuff.

Дорого, но очень вкусно. Все свежее. Порадовала возможность без проблем припарковать машину и покушать внутри магазина за столиком.

Nice store, fresh grocery and very taste ready to eat food.

Love this store fresh vegetables fruits fish any kind my favorite cold smoked salmon soo good. They import allot of goods from Istanbul

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Reviews about Europa Gourmet Hollywood, FL

03.05.2024 17:33
Касательно буфета! Взял пару рыбных и пару куриных котлет.
Вид умопомрачительно красивый!
Вкус? Вкус советской столовой!
Рыбная котлета подлежит резке ножем, т.к. отделить кусочек вилкой почти невозможно. Резина! Рыбы там процентов 20 и не более.
Если съесть в течении 30 минут после изготовление, то терпимо.
Куриная котлета - 40% мяса. Вкус никакой. Рекомендуется есть сразу, т.к. через пару часов тот же кусок резины со вкусом, напоминающим курятину.
Одновременно купил два эклера, свежих. Жёсткое тесто! Крем?
Вязкий, суховатый и никакой. Если знаете толк в эклерах, нежных и ароматных, не смейте ЭТО покупать категорически!
Мясные блюда у них лучше. Овощной гриль хорош, если не передержали.
Все остальное в магазине в широком наборе, но дороже чем в русских магазинах других Штатов. Зайдите в соседний World Market.
Цены будут немного ниже и кулинария более домашняя по вкусу. Вид победнее, но качество лучше

13.01.2024 18:47
Recently found this store and absolutely love it. Lots of neat and fresh foods from all over! Nice find!
13.01.2024 18:47
Big selection and awesome food.
13.01.2024 18:47
I went in for this wine I had in Portugal, and they had it. Was very pleased with the price. My wife grabbed some treats and they even have a buffet station. Food looked good. But we were mainly there for the wine. lol Definitely going back.
13.01.2024 18:46
Service and people very nice
13.01.2024 18:46
I've been in this place a couple of times. Although almost nobody speaks English, it's ok to go and experience exotic goods. 3 days ago I bought 2 red wine bottles. Same brand and model. I opened one and... Brownish and vinegary flavor. A very obvious damaged rancid wine.
I went today for return. One bottle was opened of course.
Although I showed the ticket to the manager, this person offered me a refund just for one.
After many attempts with google translator, I refused to accept that. They said (believe it or not) that it is wine maker's fault. So I'm supposed to start a claim with them???
So, be aware. If you buy a damaged wine at this place, it's on you. "Shame on you that you don't have magic powers to check the liquid without opening it."

This is not client's fault!!! It is Europa Gourmet responsibility to make sure the wine and or any other good they sell, are in perfect condition to be sold.

13.01.2024 18:46
Love the variety of items. Chocolate, cheese, etc. Nice.
17.08.2023 14:39
I have been trying to find good Eastern European store and happy I found Europa gourmet! As I don’t speak Russian, it was hard to find the items I need but manager Gulnara was so patient and understanding and helped me to navigate through the stores. I really was impressed with how attentive she was!! Definitely will be back, great service
17.08.2023 14:38
Замечательный магазин, жили на против в течении 2 недель - завтракать и обедать всегда ходили туда, теперь даже если проездом проезжаем останавливаемся или кушаем там или с собой Берем готовую еду и продукты которые которых нет в обычных магазинах или понастольгировать ! Очень приятный персонал, девочки и ребята на кассе всегда приветливые и здороваются и желают хорошего дня.
Готовая еда всегда очень вкусная и свежая, поворам отдельная благодарность, сегодня при мне принесли полный разгос укринного шашлыка, за 15 мин пока пил кофе его просто разобрали пока горячий, следом принесли еще один полный поднос свинины и я так думаю что его там же и разобрали ! Кто бы что не говорил - но впечатление всегда только самые положительные !
Отдельная благодарность рукводоству - как гендир, зная сложность и объем вложенных усилий - выражаю Best of respect !!!
17.08.2023 14:38
Customer service is excellent!
The atmosphere there is warm and inviting, and the stuff is so friendly and attentive, especially in deli department
They make my every visit a true pleasure!
17.08.2023 14:36
Хочется выразить благодарность Марине с кассы #1, самой оптимистичной, внимательной, с чувством юмора и быстрым обслуживанием..! Приезжаю, чаще чем надо - за позитивом!!! Живу в Америке 26 лет, лучшего кассира не встречала..
27.07.2023 09:59
This Market is right across the street from another fantastic International Market so now that I've used the word fantastic let me say that this one as well is a fantastic stop you would be pleased at everything from fresh produce whether it's canned goods Frozen items and their cake selection is off the chain they import if you will use the word import they import all their cakes mostly from New York and it's just a nice change from the typical food Stop stores
27.07.2023 09:57
I went in search of some wine from Georgia. Not that one, the OTHER Georgia. Knew of this place by passing it hundreds of times without giving a glance. Went in without having a clue about what I'd find. I imagined it would be similar to a Latin-American supermarket, filled with boxes and cans of products I can't read or pronounce. This was similar to Presidente, with a buffet counter offering a wide variety of cooked foods--a lot of meats that I couldn't identify. They had an outstanding choice of European beers, more than wines. They also had a terrific assortment of Cyrically lettered boxes of chocolates--a truly heroic choice of sweets! Tons of weird fish and dairy products. Excellent choice of caviars. Bought a decent bottle of Georgian red for under $30.00 which was just fine with me.
27.07.2023 09:56
Now that they expanded it is even better. All sorts of European food, beers, and beverages. They also have a variety of hot homemade soups and other food that you can enjoy in their dining area. I personally love their smoked string cheese and homemade half sour pickles....they remind me of the Czech Republic when I was young.
27.07.2023 09:55
всегда приятно сюда заезжать! как будто вернулся на родину, только кассиры тут вежливые и приятные, особенно светленькая девочка Настя. Приятно ехать туда, где есть личный контакт с посетителем. Мы даже с женой шутим - заедем к Настеньке за творогом ? )) так что личный бренд работает !
27.07.2023 09:52
Love the products they carry, Havarty cheese, ham, etc. everything is wonderful.
27.07.2023 09:51
Good Russian/polish food. Fresh Bavarian, German bread. Good variety of pickled treats. Home-made salads, cold cuts, and cheeses. Great food, so good.
27.07.2023 09:51
Pros: variety of goods. Fresh pastries and cuisine.
Cons: Rude staff, high prices, limited parking space. Some dubious personalities, drug addicts people always in the parking lot.

Плюсы: разнообразие товара. Свежая выпечка и кухня. Минусы: Грубый персонал, высокие цены, мало места на парковке. На парковке вечно обитают какие то сомнительные личности, наркоманы.
27.07.2023 09:47
Awesome place to try many different grocery foods. They have a flag of the country that the item came from on the price sticker. I was impressed.
27.07.2023 09:46
Good place to shop because they have great items but the customer service is awful.
10.04.2023 18:04
One of the best deli with European food


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