Kavkaz Restaurant - Ресторан КАВКАЗ в Майами

Miami, 15504 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Ресторан русской, кавказской, армянской, азербайджанской и грузинской кухни в Майами.

по пятницам и субботам у нас живая музыка!

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Highly satisfied!White table clothes, polite stuff, excellent high end food with lots of great flavors. Highly recommend their hachipori and veggie salad, hinkali and lulalamb kebab. My son loved his chicken soup. Very clean, pleasant vibe. You will love it!

We celebrated my wife's birthday there last week with some friends. They were very hospitable and accommodating. The cheese breads were really good. The lamb chops were amazing. I really like how they only season salt and pepper.

Yesterday it was the second time I came to this place during their working hours and the doors were closed with just one exception. This time I actually made a reservation and confirmed with Kavkaz emplyee girl that the place will be open. When I arrived,there were three Kavkaz emplyees sitting outside I assume waiting for the owner or whoever come to work and open the restaurant because the doors were CLOSED AGAIN!!! When I told them that I made a reservation, they just waived their arms and said it will open in a hour...what do you mean??? Thank God I did not have any big event celebrating at that place. I cannot imagine I would come and the restaurant is just simply closed and no one even called me to let me know. So unprofessional and disappointing!!! I will make sure to let ALL my friends know about this place to make sure they dont make the same mistake,dont come and waste their time of this hard to call "restaurant"

Perfect for tasty dinner. Chachapuri, Tolma, Hinkali, Soups, Salads - everything is so delicious. And the service is always very friendly.

Идеально подходит для вкусного ужина. Хачапури, Толма, Хинкали, Супы, Салаты - все такое вкусное. И обслуживание всегда очень дружелюбное.

This was my first tone st this restaurant and out far exceed my expectations. The portions are generous. I started with a glass of Georgian white wine. I believe it was the tviliki. It was semi sweet and very balanced. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had the khachapuri. It was delicious. The cheese was salty goodness. The bread was fluffy and soft. It was enough for my friend and I to share. We also had the cornish hen in a garlic cream sauce. So well prepared. It was moist and tender. It was also enough to share between us. We finished the meal with the kavkaz cake. It was very rich and delicious. It was a layered cake and one layer was crispy and wafer like. The combination was a hit. The waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would rate this 10/10!

Это был мой первый тон в этом ресторане, и он намного превзошел мои ожидания. Порции щедрые. Я начал с бокала грузинского белого вина. Я думаю, это были твилики. Он был полусладким и очень сбалансированным. Мне это очень понравилось. У меня были хачапури. Было очень вкусно. Сыр был соленым. Хлеб был пышным и мягким. Этого было достаточно, чтобы мы с другом поделились. У нас также была корнуоллская курица в чесночно-сливочном соусе. Так хорошо подготовился. Он был влажным и нежным. Этого также было достаточно, чтобы разделить между нами. Закончили трапезу кавказским тортом. Это было очень богато и вкусно. Это был слоеный пирог, и один слой был хрустящим и похожим на вафли. Комбинация стала хитом. Официантка была очень дружелюбной и знающей. Я бы оценил это 10/10!

First time trying Georgian food and really enjoyed it. We followed Nana’s recommendations and enjoy every single dish, she even explain the proper way to set it up and eat it. We had the Khachapuri Adjarski, Khinkali, Shkmeruli and Kavkaz cake …… we were two and that was good for four people.

This is the BEST restaurant i have went to. I went with my friends and the food was AMAZING! The food was served very quickly, the personnel are extremely nice and polite, and there was live music playing!! This restaurant is definitely one of my top 5. My favorite food was Hachapuri.

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Reviews about Kavkaz Restaurant - Ресторан КАВКАЗ в Майами

26.01.2024 14:35
I have read about Georgian food for years but until last night had never taken the plunge. I'm go glad I did. I went with my girlfriend and an old friend from college who I hadn't seen since 1987. She was in town visiting relatives in Aventura and we wanted to take her out to something she wasn't familiar with. Since Aventura has so many people from Eastern Europe I thought now was the time to try Georgian cuisine at Kavkaz.

Kavkaz sits at the south end of an otherwise typically nondescript strip mall on Biscayne Blvd. Upon entering we got blasted by the live music. It's not a large space and the result is that the music was just to loud for comfort much less conversation. We were considering leaving when they showed us the tables outside which we took.

At that point, our server, Nana, immediately came over and welcomed us. We explained we really didn't know anything about the cuisine. She immediately smiled, grabbed a chair and sat down with us to explain what was typical and what else there was to consider. We took all her recommendations and waited for the goods.

We started off with the Khachapuri Adjarski: cheesebread with egg. This is akin to a pizza but the bread and cheese are richer than in a pizza, busting with flavor after the fresh egg was swirled into the cheese.

We followed with a plate of small apps which included a walnut stuffed eggplant, mixed beet with Georgian spices, a lightly mashed bean ball, and a spinach and spices mix. I didn't get the names of them but again, all were fantastic and perfectly spiced with what I understand is the typical Georgian spice mix. It was a new flavor for this somewhat experienced palate.

For mains we had Chicken Tabaka which is a pressed Cornish game hen in spices and then swimming in a rich garlic cream sauce that we eventually needed much bread to soak up. Last we had a chicken kabob that my friend said was the best chicken she's had in her life. And like myself, she ain't no spring chicken. The chicken was tender, smoky, fragrant, mild yet well-spiced.

We thought the prices reasonable, and though I've seen a bunch of reviews knocking the service, Nana was absolutely perfect so if you go, ask for her. I hope she sees this review, and I hope the boss sees it too. She represents the restaurant and the food in the best of all the ways. She's worth her weight in marigold leaves (which I discovered later is the secret ingredient to the Georgian spice mix). I wish we could have sat inside with the music at a tolerable volume. That's the only drawback to the entire experience. Regardless, I would definitely go again to Kavkaz to introduce more friends to the wonderful cuisine of the nation of Georgia.
16.08.2023 19:24
Good restaurant if you'd like to try Georgian food and to feel special atmosphere. Good food!
16.08.2023 19:24
Delicious food! Amazing service! Definitely recommend! Best hachapuri, khinkali and Kavkaz cake!
16.08.2023 19:23
Delicious food, great service! We got an amazing bottle of Kvachkara wine with Khinkali, Hachapuri, and Lamb Chops, everything tasted fantastic!
16.08.2023 19:23
We came for dinner to try some Georgian national dishes. There was live music. The musicians sang a few Georgian songs, but then sometimes they began to sing Russian songs. But when they started playing Russian war songs, we got up and left without waiting for our order. If the owner of this restaurant is Georgian, then it is shameful to allow such a thing in his restaurant.
16.08.2023 19:22
I loved it! The food was good and our sever was amazing! Will definitely go again!!!
16.08.2023 19:20
Food and service were very good - note that they do not accept Amex cards
16.08.2023 19:05
Мы отмечали мой день рождения. Было 15 человек. Еда и качество мяса могло быть и лучше. Очень вкусные хачапури и кебаб. Все минусы скомпенсировали Нана своим сервисом и отношением к гостям вместе с музыкой. В итоге мы провели прекрасный вечер.
05.04.2023 18:03
This place is treasure!!! Wonderful khachapury! First time for long time! Also wanna say huge thanks to our waitress Elvira, hospitality and service was in high level!

Это место сокровище!!! Замечательные хачапури! Первый раз за долгое время! Также хочу сказать огромное спасибо нашей официантке Эльвире, гостеприимство и обслуживание на высоком уровне!


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