Indian Mart

Nashville, 707 Rivergate Pkwy Ste E, Goodlettsville, TN 37072


This store is a hidden gem and very few find it. Once you visit you're hooked with some of the top natural herbs and spices, that's very healthy for you. I've made some of the best curry using these herbs and spices. This store has a variety of things from tasty treats, frozen meals, commodities, tasty flavored bottle drinks, desserts oh my! You gotta visit at least once. Customer service is great. The prices are reasonable. The owner and his wife have business on both ends and the wife runs the Indian Market, while her husband runs the restaurant on the other end where I was the very FIRST CUSTOMER at Green Chili's restaurant

I feel so at home when I’m visiting this store! The people and products are great.Very kind and knowledgeable.

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Reviews about Indian Mart

16.10.2023 23:29
For Indian groceries, whatever you want you can get it here. A to Z everything is here.
16.10.2023 23:29
Stopped over here to pick up some Puja essentials for the nearby Ganesha Temple. Decent Indian grocery store, with decent folks managing the store. Will visit again, if I am in the area. They do need to improve their signage though as the name was only on their front door when we visited.


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