Arkadiy Izrailov, MD

New York City, 4819 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219


Один из самых лучших терапевтов Бруклина. Для него здоровье пациентов стоит на первом месте чем личная выгода. Спасибо вам доктор

Best Doctor i ever seen he amazed me with his memory. He remembered most his patients with name and DOB. Thanks a lot DR Izrailov

Dr. Arkady Izrailov is great! Very professional. Been his patient for long time.

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Reviews about , специалист Arkadiy Izrailov, MD

01.02.2024 16:17
I was recommended to see Dr. Izrailov when health problems began. Dr. Izrailov is very generous with attention and care, remembers his regular patients by name. What distinguishes him from other doctors, in addition to professionalism, is mobility and sensitivity. His patients treat him with the same respect. His assistants are also professionals in their field, polite and tactful. There is complete mutual understanding in the team. Larisa OG
16.11.2023 19:43
I completed an internal medicine internship here at Dr. Izrailov’s office. An excellent experience to prepare me to work as an internal medicine doctor. Dr. Izrailov and his team welcomed me well and gave me a good insight of the job and quality clinical experience. Very kind team and made me feel like part of the family throughout my time there. Very grateful for my experience, thank you.


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