Allegheny General Hospital

Pittsburgh, 320 E North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

The largest hospital in Pittsburgh offers the highest level of medical care and the most advanced medical technology

As a member of the Allegheny Health Network (AHN), our care teams have a deep commitment to providing exceptional, personalized care.

Our surgeons designed the country’s first suture-free heart valve. This innovation doubled patient survival rate. Physicians throughout AGH participate in national clinical trials and research to advance disease diagnoses and treatments.




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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

The best hospital and the best staff. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The absolute most caring and polite people I've ever met. My daughter got the beat care possible.

Every time I have been to AGH or an AHN affiliate or branch I have received top notch care and service. I'm not going to say there haven't been little inconveinances along the way it the care is amazing. They literally saved my life and did it with grace. McGinnis cariovascualar thoracic associates is top notch. Home health care was amazing too. I can not speak highly enough about them.

May 12, 2023 I had a bronchoscopy procedure of the airways of my lungs. Dr Sohini Ghost and the team members are superior at their work. I was very comfortable going in for the procedure. Not having a ride home afterwards, I stayed overnight. Had the nicest nurses and room care people . The pleasant gentleman that brought my food was so careing. From start to finish it was all superior. My thanks to all.

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Reviews about Allegheny General Hospital

13.12.2023 18:55
I was there in Aug with a bone sticking out my shoulder and was quickly dismissed when they saw blk and blue marks on my which was done by them the week before but I was considered a drug addict and they did the least they could do! I was told that the xray didn't show any issues but you can see and feel it sticking out and nothing was done! I had to demand an MRI and they found a tear in my rotators cuff! Went to the ER yesterday because I had a bad fall a month and a half ago and started having back pain and they did X-rays of my back and once again I was told nothing was wrong just arthritis but when I checked my chart it said I had a displaced fracture and a misaligned L4 and L5 but I was told by the Dr nothing was wrong just arthritis! Why are they getting paid for giving wrong diagnoses! They are really nice but just seem to give the wrong info!
13.12.2023 18:55
I left a message with a representative to inquire about mental health services because my health insurance said to try your hospital. That night, I received the most unprofessional, DESCRIMINATORY, and hostile message I’ve ever received from any place of business. In the rep’s words, “We reserve the right to refuse you psychiatric services and all other services at AGH Hospitals. You are not welcomed at any of our locations. Do not call here again.” I was alarmed at first, like what did I do? But, I have never even been to AGH or any other sites before, so why are you turning me away like I’M the problem? Is it because of my government insurance? Because last time I checked you do accept my Medicaid, but besides the point. I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CARE regardless of whether or not I can pay. Could it be that since I am a disabled Schizophrenic woman with a complex mental health history that you hastily decided I’m not worth the time or effort, based on your limited mind’s stereotypes and the stigma of SMI? And yes, I’m from rural Pa., where I see your facility has branched out to, God knows why, but we’ve seen the job posts that describe us as too unintelligent, too poor, too … not worth your time? Your institution doesn’t want to help everybody, does it? You are CLASSISTS, your staff is adequate at best, and you pride yourselves on only treating rich, Botox’d moms in Mercedes who can’t handle their kids and who like to faint on the doctor’s couch for $600.00 a session. I’m escalating this to the HHS Office of Civil Rights AND to Human Resources who will have to offer up some reasonable explanation as to your abhorrent customer service and lack of services provided. In the mean time, I don’t mind letting the Pittsburgh community know who you consider not worth the elitist providers’ time (It’s Pittsburgh. I’ve lived there. Everyone goes to UPMC because they don’t want to be dehumanized like I was.) Next time, DO. YOUR. JOB and refer me elsewhere with -some- logical explanation and I won’t spam these reviews where everyone has a right to see them. Pathetic.
17.11.2023 15:48
I wish I could give this negative stars because their malpractice caused the death of my beloved dad. He went in to get a biopsy done on his scalp. He has suffered with MRSA, and staff were made very aware of the situation. They were told that he flared up when he was in the hospital and asked to keep an eye on his blood. Instead of keeping a close eye on his blood and MRSA, they did not. He became septic, and the blood infection went to his brain. He died not knowing where he was, who he was, or who his children and grandchildren were. He was placed on emergency dialysis and ended up passing away less than a week after being admitted into the hospital. I would not recommend anyone taking their loved one to this hospital. Ever! I lost my dad when it could've been prevented. The way he passed was the most traumatic thing I've ever been thru, and I feel like staff weren't caring or even bothered by what we (his 3 daughters) were going thru. I honestly can't warn people enough to stay far away from this hospital; I wouldn't even trust my pet with them!
17.11.2023 15:48
Absolutely horrible place. While I did have 1 or 2 nurses that were awesome, everyone else was rude. I had neck surgery and the room I was in was dirty I mean my wife walking on the floor and her shoes sticking sound dirty. And then the try to charge for meds I already have and to give attitude when I refused to give more blood. The doctor actually slammed my door. Just overall terrible. Other than Dr.Altman who was awesome.
17.11.2023 15:48
My son was recently life flighted to this hospital after a horrific motorcycle accident. The one star is for the emergency room. The care he received as an in patient was terrible. The room was dirty. The nurse ( who was watching tik-tok every time I went out of the room) did very little to help. Gave out meds then went right back to Tik-tok. My son has a broken neck, broken back, and 9 broken ribs. He could not feed himself but his tray sat untouched without anyone coming to help him. Unacceptable. No nurses aides were available. When I asked it was like… oh well… there’s a shortage. Unless we were there he would have starved or died of thirst. I had to ask for water for him. I asked for a washcloth to help him clean up and was given baby wipes. Such a disappointment in this day and age to get such minimal care. All they wanted to do was discharge him, because he was underinsured. He went home in horrific pain. Will NEVER go there again.
17.11.2023 15:47
You will really die in this hospital they will have you waiting hours in the waiting room than once you’re in the back they try and get you out of the hospital quick. This hospital is sad they don’t care about anyone they bring in here
17.11.2023 15:47
They discriminate against people with disabilities and have called the police on someone who had a legally protected service dog, and the police then kidnapped the dog while the handler was having a medical episode on orders of staff.

The hospital has violated ADA laws.
They’ll probably try to make sure you meet your maker. Don’t ever go here. Go to UPMC.
17.11.2023 15:47
Awesome facility for many varieties of healthcare. Horrible parking for the ER however. If ya have someone in the ER you literally have to park a block away. Unless valet is on duty then closer. It is a bit of a haphazard maze in the hospital too, but folks are friendly and show you the way. Also if u go to the ER expect to wait on a loved one for hours on end without any word about how they're doing.
17.11.2023 15:47
Let me put it this way: if I was stabbed while standing directly in front of AGH, I would stuff my t-shirt into my gaping wound and crawl on my hands and knees to literally any other hospital in Pittsburgh before being treated here.

The signage and layout for getting anywhere is confusing, most of the security guards are rude and unhelpful, it's damn near impossible to get any information from the staff, who are often rude and lacking in any sort of empathy or compassion, and they are chronically understaffed because they won't pay their nurses and staff enough to attract the right talent.
17.11.2023 15:46
Came with our cousin for a procedure. It took 45 minutes being sent from different rooms and different floors just to register. Seems left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. If you come here, be escorted to your destination within the hospital. UPDATE 2023: Needed to come here again. This time we encountered a table of four uniformed employees in a hallway. One said may I help you? Yes, can you direct us to floor so and so. He started to talk and fell asleep in mid sentence. The other 3 ignored us and we just walked away while the sleeping guy did not move. I could not make this up.
17.11.2023 15:26
Husband admitted for surgery to close a non healing sternal wound by plastic surgeon. Never met surgeon until day of procedure. Afterwards he was admitted to the post surgical unit. Over crowded and understaffed. We were told he would be admitted to the 12th floor when we left the hospital post debridement surgery. We live 2.5 hours away. This room was extremely small, no recliner had an elderly confused patient as a roommate yelling and screaming. While the 12th floor had an open private room. My husband was given a pain pill at 530 at 830 he was still wretching in pain sit him up, lay him down, roll him from side to side. He was never still for 30 seconds in those 3 hours. Asked for a stronger pain med and no, asked to be moved no. The nurses on this floor are more versed in drain care. In the 5 hrs I spent with him not one nurse measured or drained the collected blood. Never got a call from rhe operating surgeon. We got 3 residents who did nothing for his pain and I sat and cried while begging for help. Horrible experience. May sign out AMA and seek help elsewhere. What a poor excuse for a post surgery unit and the chain of command is like passing the buck . SHAME ON THEM. Zero compassion for the patient.......


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