Consulate General of Portugal

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San Francisco, 3298 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94115

The Citizen Card is a physical identification document that contains a chip (smartcard), allowing the Portuguese citizen to be identified before any public or private entity, personally or digitally.

The Citizen Card replaced several other documents, aggregating in a single card the numbers of:

Civil identification Tax identification User of the National Health Service (SNS) Social security identification

The Citizen Card has also replaced the voter's registration card (and respective number), and to vote you only need to present your Citizen Card. For more information, see the website:


You can only make a Citizen's Card if you are already a Portuguese Citizen and have a PRIOR MARKING!

To make an appointment, you must do it through the online appointments: Online appointments

More information on online appointments can be found at

To renew you Citizen Card:

Bring your Citizen Card or Identity Card with you.

It is mandatory for the user to present the Citizen's Card or Identity Card that he/she has.

If it is the first time you are applying for the Citizen Card, if it has been lost or stolen:

Bring with you at least one valid Portuguese or North American identification document (ex: American driving license)

If it is the first time you are applying for the Citizen Card, it is mandatory to bring the Portuguese Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate, along with an identification document.

The absence or loss of any of these documents does not prevent the application for a Citizen Card.




To change the address, go to the Consulate with the Citizen's Card together with the PINs for using the Card (authentication PIN and Address PIN); If the citizen is not in possession of the PIN's, the card will need to be renewed in order to change the address; An appointment is required: Online Appointments



You must keep the PIN letter until the card expires.

The Citizen Card can be collected by the applicant or by previously authorized third parties.

It can only be collected by third parties (a person other than the applicant), upon authorization signed by the applicant at the time of the request.

For children under 12, that are not able to attend the Consulate, the Citizen Card can be collected by the Father, Mother or Legal Representative.

The applicant has 1 year after the issuance of the Citizen Card to pick up the Card. If the Citizen Card is not collected from the Consulate after one year, the Citizen Card can no longer be activated and the entire process has to be repeated and paid again.

Citizen Cards can only be picked up from 2 to 3 PM. 


For more information, visit the website:

Online Visa Application

Visa Portal 

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Reviews about , услуга Consulate General of Portugal

11.09.2023 16:03
Tentative and professional staff, it may take them a little longer than expected to answer, probably because its a small and very busy office.
11.09.2023 16:00
Very easy to schedule an appointment online. They were kind and professional staff. Thank you very much for all the help.


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