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Being charged with a crime that can affect your future, livelihood, and family is one of the most terrifying challenges a person can face. When stakes like this hang in the balance, you must get the best possible legal representation to help preserve what matters most. If you’re in this sort of legal situation, we highly encourage you to read the reviews our law firm has received from individuals like you.

For over 20 years, Austinites like yourself have trusted David White and his law firm to fight on their behalf and deliver incredible results.

The Law Office of David D. White is the best possible choice in Austin to provide Criminal Defense to individuals facing serious criminal charges that jeopardize their future.

Criminal Defense
Sex Crimes
Drug Crimes
Domestic Violence
White Collar Crimes
Federal Crimes
Murder & Homicide
Probation Revocation
Theft, Burglary & Robbery

The most interesting reviews

During a daunting time in my life, David White immediately eased my concerns he had legitimate genuine care for me, but more importantly for I wanted a badass ability to achieve the outcome I wanted. Point of fact, the outcome he achieved was actually far beyond my wildest expectations. Epic testament to his exceptional skill and effectiveness. A higher recommendation is not possible. I would feel comfortable referring my closest friends or family to him over any other lawyer in the area. If his help is more expensive, just know ahead of time it’s worth every penny… and more.

David white has been by my side for many years as I battled addiction and the legal system. He saw I was more than a statistic and gave me a real chance at life. I couldn’t put into words the happiness David has brought me as a client. There is no better attorney who will be by your side and achieve the best outcome that he possibly can. I will continue to treasure David not only as an attorney but as a compassionate, trustworthy, and overall amazing human being. I 100% recommend hiring David for all your criminal court case needs. He gets the job done better than any other attorney there is out there and that’s speaking from true experience.

David was absolutely incredible from the moment he took on my case. He promised he would work hard to get the best possible outcome for me and that’s exactly what he did! David was determined and I had full faith and trust that I was in great hands. I don’t think I could’ve had a better lawyer in my corner throughout my entire case!!

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Reviews about , услуга Law Office of David D. White, PLLC

11.12.2023 21:13
Extremely Recommend ! Everything great to say, nothing negative. Very attentive. My case has been dismissed. It was domestic violence, sounds bad, I know. But my lawyer, David, made sure both my husband and I were respected. Which resulted in a dismissal. David is very personable, easy to tell your situation. What else can I say, David White gets the job done!
11.12.2023 21:12
A 26 yr. old case resurfaced out of nowhere as I was facing time constraints. I reached out David and explained the situation. David himself got back to me immediately and made the case seamless as I learned about my options. The result, the case was dismissed fast, and David's representation restored my faith in the justice system. If you are seeking for legal help, call David, I highly recommend and will work with him and his team again.
11.12.2023 20:55
If you looking for a great lawyer that has your best interest in heart and that will fight for you and with you, look no further! I had never needed a lawyer in my life, life took a turn, I got to searching for a lawyer, I had spoken to a handful of lawyers that wanted to work my case but after speaking with Mr. White, I knew he was the one I wanted to stick with, not only did he handle everything for me, he got me a dismissal!!!!!!!! Thanks again Mr. White!!!!!!!!! What an awesome Christmas gift!


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