IKEA Orlando Home Furnishings

Orlando, 4092 Eastgate Dr, Orlando, FL 32839

Such an interesting Swedish story

How did they come up with this? Make inexpensive and high-quality furniture

Perhaps it is somewhere deep in the minds of these wonderful guys

Everything must be in order

Seems like a standard, but not quite. Some special ideas and always striving for the ideal. The quality of each product.

This seems to be the soul of Swedish designers and their approach to business.

Everything should be to your liking and at a reasonable price. By the way, the issue of ecology has not been forgotten.

When IKEA entered the US market, the company's top experts invented the best solutions for this market.

It definitely worked out. Welcome to IKEA stores

IKEA is proud to offer its best products to customers in the United States.

A store of furniture and interior items, everything for the home from the world famous IKEA chain of stores. Offers a huge range of good products at low prices. Our offers will please any buyer. And our service is known all over the world. Our products are known and in demand in many countries around the world. Any of your ideas for decorating the space of your home will find solutions in our stores. We always care about quality and high level of service. When purchasing products in our stores, you can be sure of excellent quality and low prices for all products!

Our frequent discounts and sales will satisfy all your home furniture purchasing needs.

We create the best examples of our products specifically for the US market.

We are confident that any purchase from IKEA will bring pleasure to your family


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Reviews about IKEA Orlando Home Furnishings

14.09.2023 15:55
I like IKEA. HOWEVER .....What I don't like is the very limited delivery they offer. Not helpful if you don't have the means to transport larger items. I had wanted to purchase numerous closet dressers and couches, and storage racks for the garage. Did my shopping, when we went to select what I needed, we were told they didn't deliver to our area. I live about 20-30 min away from IKEA, but I guess that's too far for them to deliver.
14.09.2023 15:54
Si tienes que montar una casa o apartamento de emergencia y bajo presupuesto, ven a IKEA
14.09.2023 15:54
swag, would go again. Great selection of furniture for every part of the home and fair pricing. the food court was decent for a furniture store. The meatballs were actually pretty good and would come back for. What surprised me was on the way out of the showrooms was a massive warehouse much bigger than I expected (this was my first time).
14.09.2023 15:53
Es una gran tienda en donde puedes encontrar todo lo que necesites para el hogar y oficina, cuenta con un amplio estacionamiento y con el sistema de auto pago es muy rápido cancelar tus compras, también cuenta con un restaurante de comida, en el puedes elegir comer comida rápida o comida elaborada, postres, bebidas, etc
14.09.2023 15:53
IKEA sells sturdy furniture at a good price.
The problem really becomes walking around a second floor Maze of all types of mixed furniture, not knowing where to go and being led down the hallways by directional arrows that come from the ceiling and show arrows on the floor. They also throw a restaurant on the same floor which is a Swedish menu, cafeteria style. They mainly offer Swedish meatballs and Salmon, it is priced fairly but not that great. The parking lot is a nightmare, the spaces are really tight and everyone is trying to stuff heavy boxes of unassembled furniture into the back of their cars. I guess you can say some items are cheaper than Rooms ToGo or Ashley furniture. The problem is that you're doing all of the work building these items with multiple parts and your loading, time, and gas. You also have huge lines at checkout that never are short.
My recommendation is go to a furniture store and save yourself the aggravation. You may pay 50 to 100 more but it can be picked up or even delivered. Why? Become an assembler and go through multiple steps?
Just my opinion,
Also the Orlando IKEA is huge and you will not know where to go for what you're looking for.
14.09.2023 15:52
First time in an IKEA, there aren't any where we live. We loved walking through all the display rooms and seeing all the different ideas there are for the furniture etc. It's very neat how they have it all set up. We didn't end up buying anything as we couldn't take it home with us, but the prices are very good. Employees seemed very friendly and willing to help out.
14.09.2023 15:49
I visited the Orlando store today and had a wonderful customer service experience. I needed help finding something in decorations, but couldn’t find anyone in that department. Jared was passing by with a cart of merchandise to put away and I asked if he could help me. He immediately stopped and helped me find what I was looking for. He even remained polite and positive even though he had to look in various areas throughout the department because it was not where the item was displayed. He was only in his 3rd week at the store, but you wouldn’t know it by his demeanor or helpfulness! Kudos to Jared!!!
14.09.2023 15:49
Always a fun store to
Peruse through. They’re modernizing a few things and have some new gadgets, and some options that have been around forever. Biggest change though that I can tell, is a fair number of items going up in price. Inflation has found ikea as well, but it’s perhaps still the best place to find (mostly) less-expensive furniture. However, sometimes the best part of ikea is the ideas to be found. In any case, always a fun trip, and we always find something fun to buy!
14.09.2023 15:47
It's Ikea, huge selection, cheap prices for cheap furniture. Great for a teen or college person starting out.
14.09.2023 15:47
OK—I love IKEA too. I have an IKEA credit card. But as great as IKEA is, this location falls a bit flat (packed). If you’re doing everything self-serve, you’re in luck. It might be crowded but it’s a good shopping experience, and the employees are welcoming and affirming (at least when you can find them). I have noticed that the selection of products here is limited compared to other IKEA stores, including some items on the floor that have a tag saying they aren’t sold at this location.

Be careful when you go to load up your boxes, though, as the loading zone is chaotic at best and criminal at worst (literally—I was actually threatened with violence once because I pulled into an open spot that was apparently “saved” somehow), and IKEA doesn’t station employees to calm nerves or help manage traffic.

Also, if you buy something in store that needs to be pulled out of the back by an employee, make sure you bring a whole novel and a backup battery with you. This process is SLOW even if nobody else is waiting—you’ll see employees sauntering about, but I literally just waited for almost half an hour (nobody in front of me) for a tiny box with 5-inch sofa legs. The employee who pulled them had gone out to grab a coffee or something when I sat down to wait, and apparently none of the other four employees assigned to that area could take care of the box in his absence. Don’t even get me started on the 90+ minute waits I’ve had for stuff when it’s busy.

That said—you can just order online and pick up the next day, so if you can afford to wait a day, just do that—the employees assigned to curbside pickup are friendly and much more efficient.

Bottom line—this is the only IKEA in the area, so rhetorical review doesn’t matter if you need stuff from IKEA. Just be aware that your experience here won’t be quite up to the standard set by other IKEA stores.
14.09.2023 15:47
Always a good experience shopping IKEA! Fun and easy to put together home goods! Pleasant and professional assistance.
14.09.2023 15:44
Good store for home furnishings and organization.Good prices for quality items.Navigating through the store is a little difficult, maybe more signage would help.Purchased all we needed and a little extra.Will go back.Good experience,do recommend
14.09.2023 15:39
If you want to feel like a lab mouse come to Ikea.
The only bad thing is that you feel trapped in a maze, they force you to go through the entire store. It's incredible, first and last time I come to Ikea. When you ask an employee about an item, it is found in the section as or if how it arrived.

Si te quieres sentir como un ratón de laboratorio ven a Ikea.
Lo único malo es que te sientes atrapado en un laberinto te obligan a recorrer toda la tienda es increíble primera y última vez que vengo a Ikea. Cuando preguntas a algún empleado por algún artículo se encuentra en la sección tal o si como llego.
God bless you and your family. Jesus love you!
14.09.2023 15:30
Interesting place. Feels like an upscale walmart meet Disney Land. They shuffle through the store with painted lines on the floor. You get to shop for decent items at a good price. I want to go back and see if I missed something or an activity that makes it as amazing as everyone claims.


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