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Aviator's Restaurant & Catering

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 6151 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822

The most interesting reviews
- Aviator's Restaurant & Catering is a great restaurant and bar located at the Sacramento Executive Airport.
Aviator's Restaurant & Catering serves breakfast and lunch daily, provide great customer service, and have reasonable prices. Seared in the restaurant, you can enjoy watching pla...
Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 3516 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864

CASABLANCA MOROCCAN RESTAURANT, located at 3516 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864, has been a beloved establishment in the area for nearly two decades. Under new management, the restaurant is committed to preserving the rich tradition and journey of this Moroccan culinary gem.
Cornerstone Café & Bar Sacramento Midtown

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 2326 J street Sacramento, CA 95816

The most interesting reviews
- I absolutely love Cornerstone! The staff is very welcoming and always provides excellent service.
Great venue, it’s very spacious all around, with an open floor plan and lots of additional seating out front and in back. Lots of cool artwork throughout. Perfect place to ...
Curry Corner

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 4680 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95835

The most interesting reviews
- This is the new spot!!!!! They took care of me when they stayed open a bit longer to fulfill my order, very thankful for the staff they also had yummy pokras
- Curry corner has the most authentic Punjabi cuisine. Definitely my favorite flavor. Nan is fresh and curry has great flavor. Be...
Flowers Fish Market & Restaurant

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 3224 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817

The most interesting reviews
- Swung by here while out working and I’m super happy that I did! The owner is the sweetest and no one can compare when it comes to fresh fried seafood in the Oak Park area! Had the Whiting w/ fresh cut fries and it was amazing. I usually have to wait til my FL trip every year to have whitin...
Green Market & cafe

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 1826 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825

Fulton Green Market is about promoting healthy eating and lifestyle. Our determination is to offer healthy food at the best prices we can possibly offer. Among our long term projects are a bakery—which will offer different assortment of breads, including “Sangak"—and a Halal Butcher shop offering different meats...
Linda Sea Food Mariscos Linda

Sacramento, California

Los Angeles, 3667 E Olympic Blvd #3127, Los Angeles, CA 90023

The most interesting reviews
- Amazing Food and Great Service ! Impressed with the amount served and it was really good. Highly recommend and will be back for sure.
- That's the first time being here I've never actually had mariscos from this place but it's a really nice experience that I had here at mariscos Linda in B...
Mariscos El Jato Jr.

Sacramento, California

Los Angeles, 2936 East 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

In the early 1980s, there was a man who had a passion for cooking and a dream to bring authentic Mexican seafood to the streets of Los Angeles. With little money to his name, he decided to start small and began selling his mariscos from a small cart on Olympic Blvd. As word spread about his amazing food, more and more people starte...

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 1433 Fulton Ave G, Sacramento, CA 95825

Mediterranean cuisine. Halal organic chicken, Halal Grass fed Beef. Veggies
- Vary generous owner, he gives us free ice cream as a welcoming, good food. Try it out
- I ordered takeout from Mosaeic Cuisine and was impressed with their Shawarma, Kabab, Cordon Bleu, and Kinafa dessert. The Shawarma was juicy, the ...
Moxie Restaurant

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, 2028 H St, Sacramento, CA 95811

The most interesting reviews
- Excellent. Across the board. Reminds me of an old Napa Valley establishment. Amazing food, friendly staff. This is what a restaurant should be. We had a great experience and will be back soon
- Food was fantastic. This place literally blew my mind. The owner is the person giving you the m...
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